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Thriving Planet Workshops

Learning can be a lifelong, joyful process. In these workshops your learning process will be accelerated and deepened in ways you have yet to imagine. Click on the links below to find out more. Join a class already scheduled or inquire about scheduling a class in your area or for your group.

Laboratory of Life

Bali Lab of LifeHolographic, multi-dimensional awareness for co-creation, healing & service. Also offered as “From Individuation to Conscious Connection to Global Awareness.”

The Godwork Meetings

179821_1608033720720_3099181_nCo-create new paradigms and energetic matrices for a thriving planet with love, prosperity, and happiness for all.

Joyful Spirit, Sacred Planet: Healing and Thriving in a Tropical Paradise

retiromayahouseThis retreat has been held on the “Mayan Riviera,” in Mexico.

Kinship Dynamics and the Flows of earthconstellationHistory

Systemic constellations for personal, family and global health. Inspired by Family Constellations as practiced by Bert Hellinger.


Accessing the Inner Master

Elisa teach AIM courseReceive precise spiritual guidance within from the highest source.

This four-day course is now available online, in 22 videos, handouts, and consultations with Elisa. Contact Elisa for information on how to register for the AIM course.

Healers’ Training

Floyd & SarasoftComprehensive long-term program in holistic healing.

Wisdom Awareness Training

corinnatoddyBecoming masters of life, masters of light.

Living From the Soul

An intensive course in spiritual development (eight evenings)

Tree Love: Heart of the Forest

Attune to magnificent trees for planetary service, mutual healing and profound nourishment.

Peace Response: Creating Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

Strengthen your consciousness to respond with peace and clarity to any situation.

Meditation in Alignment with the Soul

This is a meditation class like no other you have ever experienced.

Spirit, Business & Money

Organizational Dynamics: A Systemic Approach

Valentines Loveshop

Planet Healing, Planet Thriving

(Being conducted all over the world; call for information)

Dr. Bach’s Flowers: Friends on the Path

(An introduction to the Bach Flower Essences, with new and unusual ways to utilize these wonderful tools. CD available.)

One Star Within the Cosmos: Individuation to Holism to Transcendance — a Multidimensional Journey

Exploring separateness, connectivity, and oneness within the matrix of life and the universe.