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Joyful Spirit, Sacred Planet

Mexico: Tropical Workshop-Vacation

Come play on soft sand beaches, explore mystical Mayan ruins deep in the selva, and an island known for its dolphins and peaceful whale sharks in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. We will combine a wondrous vacation living in community in palm-thatched cabañas and playing together in a tropical paradise, with workshop time in which we develop our spiritual abilities, creating new exquisite, coherent, energetic patterns of healing and thriving for ourselves and our planet. We will have the opportunity to use our attunement skills to become aware of and work with the energies of ancient ruins and trees and dolphins as we are guided.

Healing and Growing:

Laboratory of Life — displaying relationships spatially for transformation.

Kinship Dynamics and the Flows of History — generational and systemic healing for families, tribes, communities, races, countries.

Living from the Soul — becoming spiritually aware, contacting our inner knowing. aligning with the soul.

Planetary Healing:

Within our loving intention and prayer, and utilizing our new abilities, we will form new blueprints for a thriving planet.

See: Thriving Planet: The Godwork Meetings


Thriving in the Tropics:

On the “Riviera Maya” there are wondrous places to explore, such as Mayan Ruins, the Biosphere Reserve, snorkeling on the reef and in the cenotes and caverns, floating down the canals in the mangroves, visiting dolphins and an island bird sanctuary. Have a healing massage, participate in a temezcal (Mayan sweatlodge), play in the sand and the waves, watch the sunrise on the beach, eat delicious Mexican food, sing, dance, laugh… .

..we bobbed in the seas of emotion, intellect, and energy. Our consciousness opened channels to conduct experiences that expanded our own working model to include the Earth as the central recipient and informant for healing and balancing. Our presence soared through time, space, origin, faith, culture, myth, and macro and micro universes to create, retrain, and resonate with the frequency that penetrated most with the least amount of attenuation. Remembering that the echo of the psyche and existence was fast approaching and long gone: in the center we found ourselves. The more lenses, the higher the resolution…  CC


Where We Are Going!

We will be going to two different places, each with wonderful and different experiences to enjoy. First we will be living in a rustic resort of palm-thatched cabañas on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. It is a wonderful place to begin our workshop and enjoy the amazingly varied experiences this area of Mexico has to offer.

Locally available, in addition to the beautiful beach, are Mayan ruins (Tulum, Coba, Muyil…), snorkeling on the reefs, swimming in cenotes (freshwater ponds and underground caverns), an enormous jungle reserve with river floats and lagoons (Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve), fishing tours, and other water sports. You can also take advantage of the Maya Spa, which offers wonderful massages and Mayan healing of various sorts. In the town of Tulum, there is a variety of good restaurants, shops for local crafts, internet cafes, ATMs, and places to exchange currency.







Then we head to Isla Holbox, a small island off the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula where people get around by foot, golf cart, and bicycle, and the local industries are fishing, hammock weaving and mandolin making, known for its beautiful lagoon and reef and a bird sanctuary island nearby, where we will go out to where the dolphins live.

…the joyous and powerful work we did in Mexico has taken me to a higher level than ever before … I have opened up to another layer in a tremendous and powerful way. Living and breathing with rhythm of the ocean helped the changes happen.  NB









In April 2007, I brought a group of people to Tulum, Mexico, to create new exquisite, coherent patterns of healing and thriving for our planet. We had a fantastic time! And for me it was wondrous; a dream come true — living in spiritual community, all working/playing in the spiritual realms 24/7, doing the highest level work to heal, restore and uplift ourselves and the planet, taking tender care of each other, while having fun in a gorgeous place and getting more happy, healthy and sparkling by the day, receiving glorious massages from a Mayan shaman, snorkeling on the reef and in cenote caverns, floating peacefully down our backs through canals in the mangroves in the lagoon, visiting and working in the mysterious Mayan ruins. I can still feel myself there, the sunrises and moonrises at the beach are imprinted in my soul, the sweet smiles of the people, meeting loving people, ancient recognition, wonderful new connections…. And now I say, “Let’s do it again!”