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The Laboratory of Life

Holographic Multidimensional Awareness For Co-Creation,
Healing and Service Becoming Masters of Life and Light

Laboratory of Life is now being conducted in many countries around the world. Contact Elisa to inquire about openings or to arrange a class in your area or for your group.

In the Laboratory of Life you will learn a fascinating mode of perception to awaken greater, more fine-tuned self-awareness and develop your innate potential as a loving, spiritual being, capable of effective action in the world.

Does something call out in you to be fed, heard, released, or explored in this time of great change?

This workshop is for anyone who desires to feel more vibrantly alive and to experience greater autonomy in making decisions, or who yearns to be of service by being in a greater flow of love.

“The Laboratory of Life is a guided experiential process in which you can consciously clear and rework the habitual patterns of your life and claim your deepest desires for authentic embodiment, expression, love and joy. You observe and unwind the sources of personal and collective mental, emotional and spiritual patterns that keep you from dwelling more completely in your brilliance and radiance. These patterns may derive from personal history, family and lineage, or from programmed societal responses. Whenever such patterns are triggered, we tend to react automatically as we have done in the past, rather than as our true sovereign selves in the present moment.

In the context of a supportive group, we can put such a pattern “on display” and, in bringing awareness to it, enable it to soften and dissolve. Much as a knot in a muscle is relieved by massage or stretching, the pattern releases and relaxes as the information lying hidden beneath it is revealed. As we bring places of conflict, negative emotions and stuckness into contrast with places of greater clarity and freedom, new options become available moment by moment. In this way we essentially “re-wire” ourselves, creating new neuro-energetic pathways that allow us to respond to life from truth rather than from fear, and we develop new receptors for life-enriching experiences. And when we begin to move genuinely and with clarity through our own lives, we create ripples of healing change throughout the greater human consciousness and our planet as a whole.”


Using its subtle but powerful experience and feedback, we can create and recreate our world. The Laboratory of Life can promote substantive, positive change in our lives, interpersonal relationships, families, groups, and organizations. The process gives you ample opportunity to learn deeply about yourself and how the world works, so that we can create a world in which all can thrive; where action proceeds from integrity, deep inner knowing and our innate goodness and joy.

The Laboratory of Life uses the configuration of people through the space of a room or other environment to create a dynamic map of relationship that will enable us to use our personal energies more effectively and create more optimal patterns for our lives. Human consciousness is holographic, and can be perceived in relationship to other people and within our environment. Current neurological research indicates that all of our experiences are recorded holographically in our brains. In other cultures this principle is well known. For example, Feng Shui, the Chinese science of spatial relationships, has been used for millennia to promote health and prosperity. Just as when we build a house, we start with a blueprint, in the Laboratory of Life we create multi-dimensional blueprints for the dreams and goals we wish to bring to fruition that can be “read” for inspiration, necessary resources, course of action, course correction, and successful outcome.

This work is highly practical and accessible as well as spiritually uplifting, without limits in its application. It is powerful, exciting and profound!

This class usually takes a minimum of two or three hours and can also be given in a wide variety of formats from a single class or weekend to a long-term class given on a ongoing basis. Many introductory workshops have taken place and each one is powerful, but the true refinement and mastery process takes place over time. This spatial awareness technique is also utilized in many of the other trainings Elisa provides and forms the basis for the Thriving Planet Godwork Meetings.


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