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Befriend a Tree, Save a Planet

Presented as a Toastmasters speech in 2012

My favorite place

Walking down a mossy forest path I was met by a powerful wave of love emanating from a magnificent oak tree. So began a fascinating multidimensional odyssey spanning the past 10 years, as a small patch of forest has become my happiest place in the universe and a place for healing and awakening for many. And now I find in myself a deep desire to save and replenish our trees.

When I met the Oak, I was so profoundly moved I asked my inner guide, using various attunement techniques I’d been developing and teaching for years, “Is this a teacher for me?” I was told,

This is a partner with whom you can work anywhere in the galaxy. The trees are masters and can be teachers for those who wish to listen to them. When you were first in the woods with the oak, it reached out and took your hand (so to speak) and you fell in love with it. It loved itself in your eyes and came into life anew with grace issuing from its bark and its leaves.
— the Inner Master

I asked how intelligent it was. I had developed a scale of intelligence for people from 1-10, and have only met two people who are 10. Yet this tree held an intelligence level on my scale of 16!

They are not stupid. You have to get past this idea that they are stupid. They are connected with all trees and can supply information and wisdom that you can use. Don’t forget that they are companions, placed here with you as partners, to be helpmeets and lovers…. It is necessary to restore their bond with the people in order to see the Grand Plan for earth and stars.
— the Inner Master

Meeting other trees: Soon after, I met the Maple or Secretary Tree, who collects and transmits information from all over the Earth, and a tree I came to call the Blessing Tree, because she bestows gifts on those who attune to her, the Triple Trunk Tree, who is like a loving uncle to me, yet tracks all of the resources on the planet and is a powerful broadcaster of messages to the cosmos. I met the Doctor Tree who scans your body and memories and initiates a healing process, and the Traveler Tree, who can help you hold in silence or any specific frequency for long periods and took me traveling up through the realms of Light, explaining the function of each one.

I began to research what is known about trees, which I’ve shared in previous speeches. I found out that is is well known that they had a major role in creating life on earth, so I asked about that. Here is what I heard:

When earth formed it gave a call/vibration to call trees into existence to serve several purposes. They formed the communication network, a covering over the land to hold earth life intact with oxygen/gases that supported the growth of mammals and others and to clean out the atmosphere of negative gases, stabilizing the planet’s crust and its formation of soils, grasses, bugs, larger animals. When you feed them you remind their ancestors to call forth life again and restart the growth processing formations. Then the planet can stay inhabited by humans and other creatures.
— the Inner Master

The Traveler Tree told me:

We had to make oxygen so we turned our mechanisms to the formation of surplus to fulfill the earth’s requirement for anabolic and catabolic processes. This was not casual. It was a delicate matter requiring great concentration and changing cell structures and forming new mineral compounds within our cell factories. This “genetic engineering” was done under supervision of great minds in the astral realm and then others, which you liken to archangels, who got involved in imbuing the mother aspect of earth with self-regulating features to keep the air sweet and pure.

I realized that trees hold essential keys for the survival and thriving of the earth. They created the conditions for us to live on this planet and can do so again. We can learn to perceive their messages and receive their healing love and partner with them. Attunement is the next language of communication.

As I researched further, I learned that there are other people who have been talking to trees. Many of you have heard of the Findhorn Community in Scotland where they turned a barren, cold place into a beautiful abundant paradisal garden by following instructions received spiritually. Dorothy Maclean, who published a book of the messages she received from tree species, The Call of the Trees, validated something I had been discovering — that it is the older, larger trees who have the maturity and higher consciousness. One told her:

…mature trees are needed. It is not enough to have the land reforested, for young trees are not capable of fulfilling our task of transmuting energies…. If there is a dearth of the large trees, the peace and stability of mankind is affected, for we are One. You cannot destroy us without destroying yourselves.

Linda Milks was driving one day and began to notice an organized thought form coming from the trees. Since then she has begun the Nature Speaks Project in which she publishes her interviews of people who speak to trees. She says:

Trees are intelligent, multidimensional beings with meaning and purpose to their lives separate from human involvement. They are acutely aware of their responsibilities as a species and their reason for Being.

When it comes to become more active in saving and thriving life on this planet, I began to look at what motivates people. Jean Shinoda Bolen, (who came with me on a tour of my beloved forest) and who among other books, wrote Like a Tree, asks three questions to know whether something is your assignment or mission:

  • Is this meaningful (to you)?
  • Will it be fun?
  • Is it motivated by love?

For me this passion I have developed fulfills all of these requirements.

Susan in Brussels Tree Love Workshop

Susan in Brussels Tree Love Workshop

We are more likely to put our energy into causes that have touched our hearts, have meaning to us, and have a higher purpose. For me, because of the experiences I’ve had, I now have a passion to save our trees, especially, the larger, older ones. I am happy that organizations have popped up to replant our forests. Just one of them, TreePeople, has planted over two million trees. And I am happy that the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has been cloning old growth trees because they believe that these trees that have lived for between hundreds and thousands of years, carry in their genes the knowledge of how to survive global climate changes. But I believe the best way we can save this planet is to ask the trees themselves how to do it.

In our Toastmasters manual for this speech, it says: “To inspire listeners, you must speak to a desire need or concern that they already feel,” and lists psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. It is profound to me, how many of these needs are related to the gifts we receive from trees:

Air: we receive oxygen from trees and they can purify the air.

Food: we use trees for fruit, nuts, and healing remedies.

Drink: trees bring rain and purify water.

Shelter: much of which we build from trees.

Warmth: which has for millions of years derived from the burning of trees and their remnants.

Safety including security and protection from harm: we have used trees for fences, weapons, windbreaks, and to hold our precious soil in place.

Orderliness: most of our furniture, shelves, cabinets, fences, are made from trees.

Belongingness and love, affection and being part of a group: I have received all of those from being with my trees as can we all. Many people contact me with messages of the solace and understanding they’ve received from trees.

Self-esteem and achievement: and I have found those growing in me and those who have participated in the Tree Love workshops as a result of their love and feedback.

Self-actualization and fulfillment: I have found that their spiritual assistance and healing presence and bestowal of spiritual gifts have boosted me and those participating in the Tree Love workshops spiritually and validated the learnings I’ve received from human teachers.

Tree Love workshop

From this we can see that there is no area of our lives, no profound need we have, that is not touched by trees, some of which we have taken for granted, but given the state of the world economy and the political and ecological current status of the planet, we can no longer take these for granted.

So what can you do to save our planet? That is up to your heart. But if you are one of those who have had a favorite tree or sought peace and solace in the woods, tune in. You may find what your heart desires and that will motivate you to promote the re-creation of a thriving planet through the inspiration you receive from the trees in your own unique voice. Whether this means working with them spiritually as I do, thereby gifting them more love and energy to do what they are doing for us, or speaking for them, or saving or planting them, when we follow our hearts we are usually on the right path.

From the Blessing Tree:

Call us forth. Please don’t deny yourselves this ability to call forth nature’s finest consciousness, its abilities to heal itself and the world.

Writer and activist Arundhati Roy said:

Not only is another world possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.