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Let’s Light Up the World!

Thriving Planet retreat — St. Vallerin, France

Thriving Planet retreat —
St. Vallerin, France

I am thrilled. Elisa’s Thriving Planet has been traveling around the world to foster the growth of thriving people creating a thriving planet. It has been lovely meeting in person those I have met with via Skype and extending out to many others, to go further in person and in workshop.

The work of the Light that I/we do is being anchored in many places around the world. People and trees are being connected, the planet’s sound is becoming more wholesome, consciousness is being awakened and uplifted.

I am honored that there are wonderful people who are eager for Thriving Planet workshops and sessions in their countries and are making it happen.

Read about the workshop here.
Listen to the Planet Waves interview with Elisa about the Thriving Planet World Tour (interview begins at 13.5 minutes). This interview took place at the beginning of the tour and so much has happened since then!

Elisa in Singapore

Tree Love
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Elisa and Kapok

This is where I’ve been so far, some several times:


Tree Love: Nagano, Japan 900 year-old cedar

Still to come:

  • New York and Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • West Coast, U.S.A., July, 2019 tentative

Laboratory of Life Singapore

Laboratory of Life

This has been the time to take my offerings out into the world in a greater way than ever before. It is my way of sharing all I’ve learned and developed for healing and thriving for people, the trees, and the planet over 36 years as a healer, counselor, and workshop facilitator and the fulfillment of a long-held dream. I believe that what we do in these workshops is needed if we are to transform the world into one wherein all can thrive.

This is one of the biggest projects I’ve ever created, and has been the perfect next step. I am truly excited and I invite you to participate with me.

Here are ways you can participate:

Join me in any of the countries I will be traveling to.

Thriving Planet Godwork Meeting—Tulum, Mexico

Thriving Planet Godwork Meeting|
Tulum, Mexico

Attend the workshops! Make an appointment for an individual session, arrange meetings, do the footwork and the Lightwork. This is not something I can do alone.

Whether or not you can join us in person, you can add your encouragement:

  • Donate money.  Even the smallest amount helps, but please be as generous as you can. With enough funds I can be more liberal with inviting people to participate without charging high fees. Donations help cover travel, venue rental, accommodations, scholarships, equipment, etc.
  • Crystal blessing. A fundraiser for the Thriving Planet World Tour. This is a very special and transcendent blessing. $75 for blessing your crystal (can be done via Skype). $125 for me to find a quartz crystal for you and bring in the blessing, and then send it to you.
  • Donate air miles.
  • Tell your friends around the world that this is happening and encourage them to join in. Send links to all of your networks, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. People getting the word out to their friends is invaluable and is how this takes place.
  • Set up a workshop where you live.
  • Offer me and/or other participants a place to stay.
  • Keep me and the work of the Light taking place and all involved in your heart and prayers.


Discerning the Spirit Within
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Current clients:

I continue to meet with my counseling clients via Skype — I can call to Skype or telephone —  from wherever I am. Distance healing is also available. When I am in your area, I can meet with you in person as well.