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An Oak Tree Changes My Life

Elisa’s Oak

In Autumn of 2002 I walked down a forest path and was met by a wave of love like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was emanating from a magnificent and noble oak tree. I asked inwardly whether this was a teacher for me and was told that this was a partner with whom I could work anywhere in the galaxy! (I am a healer who works with people, individually and in groups, toward personal, relational, and planetary healing.) Since that time I have had the most amazing experiences in that forest and with many other trees around the world and have brought many people to Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshops, who have also had remarkable experiences.

As I travel on the Thriving Planet World Tour, I meet new trees who are connecting with my tree friends, and introduce Tree Love to people everywhere. Writing a book about what I have learned from being with the trees, including the communications I’ve had with my inner guidance and the trees themselves has engendered in me a great desire to learn more about the role trees play in promoting and preserving life on this planet and to inspire others to see their value and to save them, not just so we will have oxygen to breathe, but so we will have more companions with whom to share our love and spiritual journeys.

Tree Love, Singapore

Tree Love, Singapore

People have written to me of their own unusual and life-changing experiences with trees. Often they begin with, “I’ve never told anyone about this but…” as if this was a secret and precious and possibly taboo subject that they, as a result of my sharing, feel permission to “come out” about. In Denmark, Cecilie Rindom, upon hearing me talk about the trees in a podcast interview wrote a beautiful little song called Celebrate:

Celebrate by Cecilie Rindom (for the trees).

Elisa’s voice can be heard on this video: love, the trees

Inviting Your Tree Stories

Elisa in Shinjuko Gyoen by Yuzuko

Elisa, Tree Love, Japan, photo by Yuzuko

I am writing a Tree Love book to tell you about what is happening with my little forest and the mission they have undertaken, now joined by millions of trees around the planet, to save life on Earth, and to invite your stories and inspirations. Have you encountered tree sentience, had a favorite tree in your life, retreated to the woods for peace, for healing, to ease your heart, derived understanding or answers from a tree? Or from other non-human sentient beings?

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Moreton Bay Fig with Kriti, Tree Love workshop, Perth, Australia

Moreton Bay Fig with Kriti, Tree Love workshop, Perth, Australia