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“Mountain Ash/Eucalyptus, Sherbrooke Falls, Dandenong Range,
Melbourne, Australia (The funniest tree I’ve met)

Dear tree,

Mister to you!

Whoa, feisty! May I please speak to you, Mister?

You can (laughing). I can’t be beholden to your customs and inner slavery to thoughts that take their sustenance out of forms old and decrepit. I am modern!

You are funny, too.

I am the trickster, too. Now you see it, now you don’t.

And you know these idioms.

You know we have this habit of listening in on your communications and we find them knee-slappingly funny. Your purpose is to contact me and others like me who have taken to finding habitats where we won’t be disturbed, but your people always find us anyway.

What is your purpose?

To find these strange implications and word associations funny and to make it all a bit lighter. I am the walrus, I am the forest.

Have you become of aware of my tree friends? I have a jokester in my favorite forest in America, too.

They are very funny, too. Always joking around about saving this earth. It is already a nest, a warren of crazy people. Insanity reigns supreme with your species. But your trees’ honesty is refreshing and their sincerity, too.

Aren’t all trees honest and sincere?

Yes, but some don’t give a damn about saving anything; they just go about their business like children of your species.

Despite your laughter, I get that you are serious and are joining in with the forest’s interest in saving this earth.

It is my presumption that I can join anything I want to, but they have made me welcome even in my innocence and not being as strong as some of these others, I have something to contribute; I can make them laugh and giggle and sigh with relief and be a messenger of joy.

Thank you.

They call you “my beloved.” I do too!