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Elisa’s Tree Love Books Excerpts
Elisa’s Tree Love mini-book of excerpts

Elisa is in writing a Tree Love book series. Here is a booklet of excerpts that was created for a Tree Spirit Telesummit that you might enjoy.

Interviews with Elisa about healing, our spiritual trajectory, communing with trees and more:

Sound Leadership Network interview with Lev Natan:

  • September 26, 2017, Loving Partnership with Sentient Trees for Personal and Planetary Healing (link will be posted soon)

Planet Waves interviews with Eric Francis:

Eric’s article, In Praise of Trees, includes comments about and quotes from Elisa and the Trees.

The Weekly Vibe: Interview with Deb Kabin and Laurissa Heller on BlogTalk Radio:

AIR: Interview with Jennifer Hillman

Interview with Jennifer Hillman on Abstract Illusions Media

Elisa’s articles:

These articles were originally posted on but are slowly being moved here, so some link to Planet Waves and some to this website. If you want to read an article and do not want to register on Planet Waves, contact me and I will put that one first on the list to be moved here.:

Elisa’s articles on Thriving Planet:

Elisa’s voice can be heard in this lovely art video by Charissa Owens:

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