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Fundraiser: Crystal Blessing

In one of my first significant spiritual dreams I saw a beautiful crystal cluster. This dream occurred before I had ever physically seen a quartz crystal. It was before the time when attuning with crystals and using them for healing became known and I hadn’t yet heard of them. A couple of years after that dream, I attended a wonderful class on the usage of crystals and I had a some amazing visions while attuning to them. I enjoyed being involved with them, utilizing them for healing and teaching about them for several years, even making crystal essences for a while for a friend’s shop. So crystals had a role in awakening me to sensing energies and becoming aware that consciousness can show up in many forms.

Twenty years later, I was invited to a close friend’s 50th birthday party being held at a local restaurant. I was inspired to give her a crystal, so I went to the shelf on which I still keep a pretty large array of small crystals and found the one that my guidance indicated was for her. I sat down with it beforehand to ask for a blessing for it and something most remarkable happened. It was as if heaven opened and poured the highest Light into the crystal and a specific message and blessing came through and the exact pattern of the blessing was sealed into that crystal for her. I was told that this crystal would never need to be cleansed and could not be sullied, and would hold that blessing for her forever. Even if she lost the crystal, it would still be holding that vibration for her. And if she held it, it would once again reinforce that blessing and help her come into her highest alignment spiritually. (We all need reinforcements and reminders at times.)

Another unusual thing happened when I gave her the crystal. A group of friends were sitting around a large round table in the elegant mansion dining hall she had chosen for the birthday celebration. There were other groups at many other tables and the air was filled with the genial conversations of all those in the hall. When I took the crystal out to hand it to her and tell her about it, a hush came over the entire hall for several seconds. It seems that almost all of the voices became still for a few moments and then resumed. I cannot explain it.

Since then I have only performed crystal blessings for a few close friends and clients as gifts. They are precious.

How the blessing and fundraiser works

For the Thriving Planet World Tour though, I am “pulling all the stops out” by making this a way to raise funds to support the trip. For $75, if you have a favorite crystal, I can tune into it from anywhere. If we can meet on Skype or other video conferencing service and I can see it, that would be nice, but not necessary. I prefer working with quartz as quartz crystals naturally hold informational patterns, but that also may not be necessary (I can let you know if another stone might work when I tune into it.) If you choose to donate $125 I will send you a crystal, I will talk with you first to get your frequency and then ask my guidance for the crystal that would be for your highest good to work with and then after it is blessed I can send it to you. This may take a little time for if I don’t have one that is for you, I will need to shop for it. Please note that the size of the crystal is unimportant; smaller ones are fine and you can easily carry or mount them to wear if you chose.

We can meet by phone or Skype for the blessing, or I can do it by myself and then send you a recording of what came through from Spirit for you. (I would send it as an MP3 file by e-mail.)

I hope you will enjoy this very special offering and support this project as well in any way you can.