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A Spiritual Approach to Abundance

In this workshop we prepare the groundwork for achieving financial freedom and fulfilling our dreams. Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Our ideas and inner programming about money and success
  • Clearing our conduits for giving and receiving
  • Taking charge of our lives and our finances — tracking, action plans, and followthrough
  • Developing successful business relationships
  • Creating the blueprints for success and prosperity
  • Prayer, affirmation, and visualization
  • Seeding, tithing, wealth-building
  • Moving from procrastination to action; completion
  • Erasing the imprints of previous negative experiences
  • You will learn powerful techniques, using muscle testing, spatial dynamics,
    mind-mapping, and energetic-spiritual alignment, that can serve you throughout a lifetime of joyful creation.

This workshop is usually given in a weekend format with an optional follow-up class series designed to manifest the understandings we gained in the workshop and address individual issues, projects, actions plans, and more.  The love and support and resources of an ongoing group provide a rich soil in which dreams may flourish.
Other formats may be available.