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Thriving People Creating a Thriving Planet

The Institute for a Thriving Planet was born from a Big Idea, one that comprises the continuum of life, from our presence on the planet as beautiful human-animal vehicles embodying even more beautiful souls, to the knowledge that as souls we are Grand Cosmic Beings, existing multidimensionally, fully aware, connected, and participating in all of Creation. We are evolving to become fully aware that we exist multidimensionally, gaining mastery of life and Light.

The big question is whether we can teach, learn, and activate ourselves to know and be all of this. And the answer is YES! The teachings and methodologies of the Institute for a Thriving Planet have been designed and honed to call us forth in soul consciousness, clear and strong and pure, and take hold of our lives from that awareness.

Here are some of the understandings that have come through the practice and trainings that Elisa has facilitated:

  • That we are connected through eternity with God, the Universe, Spirit, and the Life Force in a loving matrix we have yet to fathom, though many have had life-transforming glimpses.
  • That the universe is sentient, responsive, and good.
  • That there is more to us than we have ever experienced. Looking at a tiny seed, we may not yet know the power of the life-impulse within going back through time to the source of life, nor the beauty of the plant, flower and fruit, the richness of colors and scents it will produce, or the consciousness it expresses. Through the evolution of consciousness, we have abilities, awareness, and love, far greater than we know. We are energy, we can attune our energy to any of the frequencies that make up the fabric of the universe and learn its language and participate consciously in its gorgeous creativity.
  • There is an inner knowing that resides within us that is connected with the wisdom and creativity that some have called Divine Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, the Field, Spirit, or God, or the Wisdom of the Heart. When we are attuned to that and align our inner and outer lives with that, we are in harmony with all that is and can participate in Creation. The understanding that comes through is beyond the mind and emotions and programmed patterns. It is whole and wholesome, and can discern solutions that are for the highest good of all because it “sees” what fits the larger Pattern.

In 1996, Elisa wrote for the Healers Training:

The desire for ultimate human/spiritual fulfillment is inherent in our nature; our job is to choose to follow that desire. The next stage of evolution for humans will be made not by natural selection but by conscious choice. The mechanism of that evolution is encoded in our genetics and in our spiritual mandate, to be activated by the flower of spiritual sovereignty—free choice and action. This is a task large enough even for the grandest imagination, for the most ardent adventurer—to become more than we have been, more than we have dreamed, and all that God intended.

Here are ways the Institute for a Thriving Planet is being and/or can be expressed:

  • Thriving Planet counseling and coaching: Elisa has been in practice for 33 years, conducting sessions for individuals, couples, families, groups, teams, and apprenticeship training.
  • Thriving Planet workshops: Elisa has facilitated over 1500 workshops, classes, and trainings, as well as the Godwork Meetings. These cover a broad expanse of topics, from personal, generational and systemic healing, to the training and activation of world healers. These workshops take place around the world.
  • Thriving Planet Foundation: not formally established at this time, is a dream yet to be manifested.
  • Thriving Planet University: another dream of a home for the Institute for a Thriving Planet, one that might include a live-in training facility and community, a co-housing eco-village, a university of Higher Consciousness and Holistic Health, and a communication hub. This would be a place active as a beacon of Light for the earth, with people connecting consciously with the land, trees, and cosmos, to bring about a new planet wherein all can thrive.
Most importantly, the Big Idea of the Institute for A Thriving Planet is that this attunement and inner alignment can be learned, experienced, and put into practice in our daily lives and that together we can create and re-create this world as a place wherein all can thrive.