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Accessing the Inner Master

Use a simple muscle test to access your inner knowing, guidance and advanced abilities

Our inborn ability to discern truth and higher knowledge was, for most, damaged or hidden away in childhood. If you want to be a sovereign being, fully true to yourself, knowing your “yes” and “no,” and to move powerfully on your path, the skills taught in this workshop are essential and invaluable.

Elisa teach AIM courseLife continually requires us to make choices, move in new directions and uplift and enhance ourselves. I have found that all I have to do is ask a question clearly and a clear answer is given. Information and assistance are readily available, registering within us and we need only the tools to become aware of them. In this workshop I present a system, derived from Applied Kinesiology and spiritual principles, with which you can ask for information and develop your inner attunement to what is right and true for you.

If you truly desire to align yourself and you actions with the highest good for all and fulfill your magnificent potential, this system provides the keys. You will learn how to converse with the Inner Master and receive assistance to:

  • clarify and strengthen your consciousness on all levels

    Accessing the Inner Master, New York

    Accessing the Inner Master, Online

  • experience the joy and comfort that results from having a deeper understanding of your self and life and from knowing that spiritual assistance is always available to you in every moment
  • clear and transform negative beliefs, emotional states and karmic/genetic/psychic patterns
  • test the energetic systems of your body and raise its levels of functioning, regenerate your body
  • neutralize your response to unserving frequencies such as environmental pollutants, allergens, and psychic negativity
  • self-maintenance, meditation, spiritual exercises, stepping into your magnificence and alignment with your Soul.
  • attune to the frequencies that you want in your consciousness (there is a universal language of frequencies)
  • know which foods or remedies to use to enhance your health and happiness
  • determine which actions would be beneficial for you

    Discerning the Spirit Within, Malaysia

  • bring more precision and clarification to the intuition you already possess
  • find the causes and possible solutions for the challenges in your life
  • be of the greatest service to others, partnering in Spirit
  • working with clients, friends, family, relationships
  • communicating with those who cannot speak — babies, dying people, trees, rocks, stars…
  • spiritual research and education

This knowledge can be applied to any spiritual path or system of healing; the applications are infinite. You will receive assistance in restoring your innate knowing and establishing the highest source of guidance for you and you will learn wonderful tools for keeping yourself clear so that you can receive clear guidance. This is a powerful technique that will help you become confident in accessing in your spiritual connection. It can assist you to find peace and create success in your life and accelerate your progression toward greater awareness and spiritual mastery.

Accessing the Inner Master, Singapore

Accessing the Inner Master, Singapore

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AIM Online

Next course: none scheduled at this time, but you can attend the online course (see below)
This course includes the workshop, Discerning the Spirit Within

The 2012 Accessing the Inner Master training is on a private YouTube channel, with all the handouts in a Dropbox. You can take the course at your leisure and then arrange private time with Elisa to work with you on the material and make sure your new skills are functioning at the highest level possible. Contact Elisa for information on registering and arrangements.