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Elisa Novick, DSS

Dr. Elisa Novick, DSS does profound work as a healer, teacher, counselor, coach, minister, and facilitator of workshops and trainings in personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Thriving Planet Counseling & Coaching

In counseling sessions we focus on transforming your life experience into one of love, happiness, and success as you fulfill your highest purpose and expand your awareness.

Thriving Planet Workshops

Learning can be a lifelong, joyful process. In these workshops your learning process will be accelerated and deepened in ways you have yet to imagine.

Sacred Service

As an ordained minister, Elisa performs sacred services and ceremonies for life’s joyful celebrations.

Tree Love

Tree Love
I walked down the forest path and was met by a wave of love emanating from a magnificent and noble oak tree. Thus began a fascinating and fulfilling odyssey as a small patch of forest became my happiest place to be on earth.

Thriving Planet Sessions

Thriving Planet sessions for individuals and couples and small groups are available in person if you are nearby (upstate New York or the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts) or via video calls or telephone anywhere in the world.

Contact Elisa if interested in scheduling a session or arranging a workshop during this time.


Dear friends,

The Thriving Planet World Tour is on hold as I take time to write. (See more in the next column.)

I am also in the process of updating this website. Kindly bear with me if sections you’ve been used to seeing are not here or in process. I’m also starting a new Facebook page called Tree Love: Heart of the Forest.  

My love and gratitude to all,


Upcoming Workshops

Thriving Planet and Tree Love 
Workshops are not being scheduled at this time

Our new conditions

Our love and prayers go out to all affected by the changes taking place in the world and all undergoing hardship. 

We can use this time well to work deeply upon ourselves, to heal and grow and step into our strengths, and to be in the best possible place to be of service in whatever way we can contribute.

For those who need it, distance healing and spiritual ministry can help you come into greater balance, clarity and peace. 

If you need some extra support or assistance in processing the changes taking place for all of us, for staying in your heart, staying clear, or because you now have the time for a deep dive into your personal growth, this can be an excellent opportunity for you.

I have been doing advanced healing work, life coaching and spiritual counseling in practice with thousands of people for close to 40 years and have facilitated over 1600 workshops around the world. I have a tremendous amount of experience, excellent spiritual guidance, and take great joy in being of service.

Most Thriving Planet counseling sessions have been conducted online for many years so I am quite comfortable with the technology and can tune in just as well with you anywhere in the world as I can in person.

Use the contact page to get in touch and schedule an appointment.

The Thriving Planet World Tour

The Thriving Planet World Tour has taken a hiatus after almost five years. I’ve now been in over 85 locations in 18 countries, some several times, including France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, England, Spain, Mexico, Romania, the Omega Institute and the Pacific Northwest in the United States, Canada, Bali and Java in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Now I am hunkering down in New York State to write the Tree Love books. I am still holding client sessions in person and on Skype, Zoom, etc., and am available for facilitating workshops and speaking.

Elisa is a great healer who guides her workshops with mastery and grace.

Nadine V.

Life Coach

I came to experience Elisa’s loving presence and precise mastery. She has assisted me in my own transforming and awakening process in my journey towards a more authentic, aligned and free version of myself, as she has done that with many souls for more than 35 years of her life, honoring the uniqueness of each individual as well as the oneness of all.

Adriana M.


I was deeply touched by your Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshop yesterday. There is something inside me… some kind of unfathomable joy that has started to grow in me as a result of being with the trees. A deep longing has surfaced for communication with these beings whose work is on the very deepest level imaginable. 

There is a sense of starting something that the world has been waiting for humans to initiate, to bring about, with our joint efforts, the healing of the planet.

Francis M.

Violin Maker, cellist

Elisa’s healing process is clear, aligned with Spirit, and extremely powerful. The time I spent in the Laboratory of Life workshop was amazing! Elisa made us feel safe and seen. And, she used a constellation style process that went far beyond just family systems, but also touched upon the devic realm and the Divine.

I felt transported through time, aware of places in time/space that had long since passed but which felt immediate and present in the room. It was powerful, liberating and truly magical! Elisa is one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced..

Brett B.

Omega Institute

Elisa’s pursuit of the highest good in relationship to life, the planet, to our fellow beings, is a real joy to be a part of. She is creative, tenacious, joyful, and devoted. Be prepared to dig deep and fly high!

Antonia S.


Her exquisite words embraced all and every spiritual universe and human being in our midst. It was a universal and all-encompassing wedding service which she conducted very beautifully.

Tish H.

Teacher, theater director

The Laboratory of Life is the spiritual work that lights me up the brightest at this time. I feel as if I am doing what I came to do, realizing a part of my purpose on Earth.

My own personal transformation is being achieved at warp speed, blocks from my true being are removed layer by layer. I gain insights and subtle but profound learnings for my life. My favorite part of the Labwork is when the group intention and energies create energetic geometric forms that build a matrix for new patterns of consciousness on Planet Earth.

Stanley W.

Steiner teacher, artist, art glass specialist

Awesome in the very best sense of the word. Elisa Novick is a force of Nature! She brings a clarity and dimension of spirituality that enables people to resolve issues within her workshops that would take years in conventional therapy, if ever.

…This is a woman who knows her way around the dimensions of life like we know our way to the grocery store. If you find yourself burdened mentally, emotionally or spiritually, Elisa Novick can help…  

I have experienced you as an amazing balance of love, integrity, and power. 

Daniel H.

One Spirit Learning Alliance, videographer