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A Call to All to Restore Balance and Health to
Our Beautiful Planet

Planet Healing, Planet Thriving is now being conducted in many countries around the world as Thriving People, Thriving Planet. Contact Elisa to inquire about openings or to arrange a class in your area or for your group.

If you have wished or prayed to be able to serve in a greater way, the world we want starts with us. We have within us the ability to call forth the original, pristine perfect balance and resilience that life has created over millions of years. And together we can co-create coherent, exquisite patterns of healing and thriving to act as new blueprints for a future trajectory for us and our planet. We come together in trust that these new patterns become the seed-forms, the new paradigms, the organizing principles — available to all and for the highest good of all.

We will create these patterns by forming them within ourselves, within our groups, and within the living matrix of the world. In a powerful constellational process (the Laboratory of Life), we will use our deep attunement, inner knowing of truth, and loving intention to bring healing and thriving into our lives and into the world. We broadcast clear, pure signals. We become full universal citizens, capable of transmuting and transforming the current underlying energetic patterns to ones that support and energize life abundant.

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This workshop was derived from The Godwork Meetings. You can read about them here.

Article:  What is “Godwork” and how is it different than group prayer?

Special note to participants at the Fairy and Human Relations Congress, June 28–July 1: In this workshop, we will welcome the trees and other beings we have been attuning to and communing with in our time together at the Congress in an all-beings collaboration in the Light.

 “I would describe Elisa as a master healer — words I don’t use very often or speak lightly.”

Eric Francis, investigative journalist,
PlanetWaves master astrologer