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The Multidimensional Nature of Trees: an excerpt

Maybe there is a way I can say this to make it clear: This forest [my “original forest”] is an interface between worlds. Because we have shared so much here, it is far more defined and developed than in places in which humans have ignored what was available. Yet I have also found various kinds of interface in other woods and in temples and parks and backyards where there are conscious beings — usually large old trees vibrating at a high level spiritually — and where great love has been felt and expressed. (Each of us when in full awareness is also an interface.)

In these places, thought transfer is instantaneous and complete. I can play piano or listen to music in the United States and know that a pine on the hill in New Zealand, with whom I conversed about Brahms, is listening. The trees know what I think, what I say, my emotional state, my personal history (more than I know), and what I felt in an intimate relationship. Not everything that is important to me in the moment is important to them, but everything that truly matters to me matters to them and what matters to them, matters to me. We are each other’s champions. (When I say trees, I am including the boulders and others physical sentient non-humans with whom I’ve made connections. Then of course, there are those in my Council and others with whom I am connected in Spirit who also share these qualities. As the trees are the main focus of the Tree Love books, you can always interpret my use of the word trees as Trees et al or Trees & Company.

I have found no limit to what may be going on in these multidimensional places. There are portals — gates or doorways — and vortices, and every other shape and function of energy field. There are columns and edifices of light. The energy may be flowing down from the heavens or up through the earth or swirling around or forming geometric matrices. There are archangels, angels, devic beings, and galumphing troglodytes. There are little beings that come out of the ground and repair the web of the earth when we are joyful. There are laughing boulders, flying trees, ascension spaceships. There are trees with multiple large trunks in which each trunk is carrying out a different function, like my friend the Triple Trunk Tree. One trunk may be broadcasting and another receiving. One tree may be focused predominantly down into the earth and another to the stars and yet another on blessing the human children playing nearby. One may be watching what is going on around the globe politically while another is searching for homes for the trees on other planets. A forest may be building an energetic infrastructure to amplify their signals, or wormholes to other galaxies. Truly there seem to be no limits to what is possible. This is why I am endlessly fascinated.

What about negative consciousness, you might ask? I have found those too, though not many, like one tree outside of Buckingham Palace, a grove in New Zealand, a tree on a temple grounds in Bali, and a tree (see below) in a Botanic Garden in Singapore. So far as I’ve discovered, they all stem from human activity. There are woods and buildings and courtyards and burial places reeking of horrible dark energies, harboring demonic beings. Why? Because dark occult rituals were carried out in them, wars fought, people and animals enslaved, atrocities performed, invocations that imbued the buildings, rocks, trees, fields, etc., with vibrations that power-hungry people wanted anchored there or that were created out of their worship of their angry gods and their obsessive negative thoughts. Suffering leaves energetic impressions, as does hatred and rigid judgmental thinking. Even widely-held limited thinking can keep a forest down. I have found forests with curses placed upon them or limitations in how far they can lift spiritually placed on them by people who wanted to keep the vibratory range of the people within certain parameters. Pollarding/coppicing of trees, cutting them into ridiculous stumps with little wisps sticking out, carving them into lollipop shapes, making them all uniform, causes them to go unconscious. It is unbearable to them to be treated like objects.

I’d like add a caveat to this last statement. There are monks and artists that create art forms from trees, like bonsai and living furniture, people who prune them for their benefit or to increase yields of fruit, or who have to cut back trees to keep their homes and playgrounds safe. Do the trees all become spiritually dead or live in suffering? I cannot speak to that. Many of the ones I’ve seen are, but not all. And most smaller younger plants do not have an elevated consciousness that I can sense much difference with. What I have seen is that when careful pruning is done with love and awareness, the energy seems to be positive or at least neutral. In some city parks, trees are rigidly controlled and ruthlessly pruned, their soil compacted — tree roots need to breath — their air polluted, they are bombarded by constant noise and never get the darkness of night in which to rest, yet they are glad to be alive and of service. A tree outside of the Eiffel Tower absorbs negative energies from the tourists — about seven million per year — on the side facing the tower, transmutes it, and breathes out love on the side facing away from the Tower. Another outside the Imperial Rest House in Tokyo does the same.

Then there are horrendous so-called forests. Tree plantations generally have no energy, no consciousness. Palm oil plantations are dark and lifeless. Tree windbreaks that are chopped by machines into thin flat oblongs like I saw in New Zealand are tortured. GMO tree plantations are abominations. These are the only trees that my guidance indicates are actually evil and psychotic. Please do not let anyone tell you that a mono-cropped tree plantation, planted and plucked by machines, doused in chemicals, is a forest. There is no such thing as a sustainable plantation. It bears no resemblance to a forest. It does not support an eco-system, there are no parent-children or community relationships, almost no life force. It does not support the life of animals, birds, insects, soil organisms. Just because a tree grows does not mean that it is alive, not spiritually, not as a being, not as a citizen of a living planetary organism capable of loving, caring, healing and spiritual upliftment.

Does this mean that we should not plant trees? No. Obviously, we need to plant as many trees as we can in addition to preserving the trees we have. It is the only way we will mitigate climate change and save our lives. We can plant mixed natives in as close to a natural system as possible. We can learn the lessons of permaculture and organic and biodynamic farming practices. If you have your senses attuned to the plants, ask them where they want to be planted. Forget about rows and even spacing. Go on the internet and learn what others are doing. There are heroes out there, people who are learning how to re-green our planet, to bring forests back from deserts using only local natural materials. There are some wonderful books and websites about how to do this.

Is all lost in these places where the trees have been decimated? I don’t know, but in some of them, yes, we can make a difference. With love and prayer, healing may be possible. Some of the darkest areas I’ve visited, I found out later, had undergone clearing and uplifting as a result of our work there. I’ve had reports, mostly from the tree I call the Golden One, of healing taking place where I hadn’t been sure it could, like certain areas in Malaysia. In Singapore, a huge banyan in the Botanical Gardens, reeking of evil, under which, as I learned later, Japanese soldiers had committed atrocities and hung British soldiers during World War II, transformed from darkness to light when we brought our healing process to it. With each Tree Love workshop group that worked with this tree, the energy got lighter and lighter. A heavily coppiced ancient tree in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, who was like a miserable doddering old man, blind and deaf, came to life in response to our healing prayers, once again aware and reconnecting with all around him.

On tour, teaching Tree Love workshops around the world, I found that there are many people desiring a deeper connection to the natural world. I was inspired, giving me hope that we will one day re-integrate ourselves consciously into the living multidimensional universe we are made of.