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Healers’ Training

In my 40 years of study and practice, I have gathered a wealth of information and experience. The Healers’ Training has given me the opportunity to integrate that material into a program that addresses the human need to evolve as human/spiritual beings. Much of this information, such as the valuable and rare material from the former Center of the Light’s Two-Year Training for Healers, is now being included in the Healers’ Training course curriculum. The process of refining, updating and integrating systems of holistic health and spiritual growth with the exciting Laboratory of Life work, and then seeing the magnificent results of sharing and applying it with a loving group of dedicated participants, has been amazing. I am deeply grateful to those who have joined me in embarking on this wondrous journey.

This is an opportunity to take the next great steps in becoming fully who you are while becoming a skilled healer. In this course I share my knowledge and experience in holistic health and personal-spiritual growth. The material is presented to make it highly accessible to students and practitioners at any level of expertise. You will gain skills and in-depth information and have profound experiences that you can draw upon for your own health and development and that of your friends, family, and clients, so that we can all become whole and healthy. There are extensive opportunities to learn experientially by working with each other in a loving atmosphere, and comprehensive, beautifully typeset handouts that will serve you for a lifetime.

Building Your Toolbox

  • Approaches to healing   The ethic and practice of healing; the dynamics of the healing process; spiritualizing the body; healer self-care; healing with Light, prayer, intention; vibrational healing, touch and non-touch bodywork methods; nurturing yourself and others; communication; the power of group consciousness (relationships, families, and organizations); distance and proxy healing, the Big Picture.
  • Radiant Health  If we want to hold more Light “wattage” we have to strengthen our “filaments.” We will learn contact/reflex and neuro-lymphatic points for each of the organs and glands and systems of the body as well as their related physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and nutrition, herbs, purification fasts and cleanses that work with them. Natural healing programs for specific conditions will be taught. We will also cover foot reflexology, basic cranial-sacral balancing and unwinding, and application of various bodywork techniques for optimal alignment.
  • Your natural first-aid kit  Prayer, herbs, poultices, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and bodywork techniques for family home care.
  • Healing and growing  Emotions, thought processing. We will work with various methods of processing and balancing the emotional and mental life, cleansing negativity and unserving mental/emotional/karmic/ genetic patterns. Attention will be paid to how the emotions and thoughts of individuals and groups affect us. Learn powerful methods for maintaining emotional and mental clarity, and healing addictions.
  • Laboratory of Life  Creating geometries of consciousness for developing your innate potential and creating new energetic blueprints for life and spiritual service. A “Feng Shui” of personal placement.Attaining optimal health and spiritualizing the body — the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the organs, glands and systems of the body, including specialized bodywork, nutrition, herbology, cleanses, meditations, and supportive lifestyle changes.
  • Spiritual growth  Spiritual attunement, aligning with the true self and God. Service. Grace, service, spiritual attunement, aligning with the true self and God. Developing multidimensional awareness. Fostering planetary upliftment; coming into harmony with the Big Picture.
  • Vibrational healing  Working with the energy systems of the body. Aura balancing. Bach Flower Essences for transformation. We will also learn a system using words and affirmations to balance and strengthen the organs, glands, and parts of the body, using the body/consciousness holographic model. Energy systems, the body/consciousness holographic model, Words for Healing, Bach Flower Essences for transformation.
  • Intuitive knowledge  We will practice and develop our intuition. Muscle testing will be used to check the efficacy of some of our work.
  • Homework  Each class ends with a homework assignment, usually requiring about five minutes a day to perform. Doing the homework is optional; there is no assignment to hand in. Our experience has been that the homework was so wonderful and powerful that everyone was eager to do it and loved it.
  • Taking the work into our lives  We take time for your questions and issues, and for working as we are guided. We can create opportunities to take the information into our lives—service projects, practice sessions, doing cleanses together, or group overnight retreats. The loving support of the group provides a tremendous opportunity to go beyond what we are able to accomplish as individuals.

The Commitment

The Healers’ Training welcomes dedicated participants. We create a safe, loving, dynamic space that is sensitive to the level of commitment of every individual involved. The spiritual energy becomes available as we continuously present ourselves to receive it. Our attendance/fee policies reflect the importance we give to that commitment.

The Integration

This training is not being offered currently. It training has been given in a 10-month format (meeting once a week for several hours) and has also continued as long as four years. Elements of it can be arranged in your area. These have been given in single or series workshops such as:

  • The Body and Beyond — each class covers one body system
  • Natural First Aid for Shock (offered in New York after 9/11) — self-applied bodywork and remedies,
    to neutralize the affects of shock
  • Harmonization — self-applied bodywork and remedies to neutralize reactivity to a variety of stresses
  • Words for Healing: words and affirmations energetically keyed to each organ, gland, and part of the body for balance and flow

Contact us for further information about format and scheduling of the Healers’ Training.

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