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A Most Powerful Tree

Thriving Planet Goes to Australia

Posted on March 23, 2014

Back in Bali, still planning taking the Thriving Planet World Tour to Australia, my new client, Kalianna, suggested holding a Thriving Planet/Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshop at Byron Bay Bamboo in Australia. I have to admit I was dubious. From their website it seemed that this was just a garden shop that sold bamboo, a plant I admired but in which I had not found higher consciousness.

She said there was one tree, a Moreton Bay Fig, we could possibly work with and I usually prefer to have several trees for a workshop so we can compare them. But I’d been told about this spectacular species and looked forward to meeting one. I had no idea that in this forest I would find the most powerful tree I had ever met. (As I’ve been in at least 10 countries since I began tuning into sentient trees, this is truly significant.)


When at last we visited the place for reconnaissance before the workshop, I was astounded. I could feel the energy field before we reached the property. The magnificent tree, hidden in the rainforest, was not older or larger than any I’d seen, but it was functioning on so many levels in so many dimensions that I felt I had to go very slowly, layer by layer. It could take months to discern all that it was doing, if I could even fathom the information. I was not surprised that Kaye, the proprietress and guardian of this beautiful land, was a bit nervous about this tree and had, for the most part, kept people away from it. Even she did not go near it. I reflected that though there was nothing to be afraid of, the protection of this tree had given it a great freedom to do what it was doing without interference.

Before I could even begin to have a conversation with the tree I asked my inner guidance that I call here the Inner Master about it. Somehow I could not bring myself to approach it immediately. Once I had more information, I felt ready to talk directly to it. And toward the end of the workshop a couple of days later, after hours of preparation, I brought the group to meet the tree and while they communed and went traveling with the tree, I also spent some time asking it about its response to the people. And finally, I asked the forest I have been working with for 11 years for its response.

Here are my notes:

This Moreton Bay Fig is powerful, comprising multiple consciousnesses, working at a cosmic level that includes the entire upliftment and next evolution of all consciousness on this planet and beyond. I am still reeling from having met it. It is a broadcaster, a portal, a news studio (image of many screens viewing many places). It has a huge energy field that goes out, not just as one field, but like tentacles, reaching into multiple dimensions. On my scale of human intelligence, 1-10, each number exponentially higher than the last, it is an 18. And it is very happy!

To the Inner Master:

Do you have anything to say about this wonderful, powerful tree before I talk to it?

It has come out of the stars to be a welcoming spot for others who come to this planet. It is a portal, a gate, but for a very specific reason.

I get an image of doctors and a laboratory.

This has become the foremost place for those quantifiers of the earth’s rotational speed and course, the change of the seasons, the earth changes that are going on. The rape and full utilization of resources is a problem, not giving enough regeneration time.

The Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Byron Bay Bamboo, Australia. Photo by Elisa Novick.

Yes, another tree told me of that, the Secretary Maple in my forest.

There are scientific eyes perusing the annals of time to find the best species to survive this climate change, to nourish them and make them aware of their foremost importance.

What shall I say about this tree?

That it comes forth into this planetary atmosphere with a bright purpose and its purpose is almost complete. It will be converting sunlight into another type of crystalline energy, [I see image of huge green emeralds, yellow sapphires, a little pink] to give certain charges — a pattern of charges — to the air, which, like a beautiful virus, that will spread around the planet forging consciousness, awakening a particular type of awareness, to take over this planet and bring it to its fruition.

[I am seeing an orange now, not usually a favorite color of mine, but this one is gorgeous.]

Will this new consciousness support human life? Other life that is here now?

It will not only support but transform into higher levels of knowing, an evolution that creates a new species, far more aligned with the tenets of an intelligent universe. It fosters planetary evolution for all species; united, species-diverse, but connected consciousness for all.

Is it connected with my trees?

It has not yet connected.

Good. I wanted to see what it was without changing anything.

You’ve already brought something to it, but it is not paying a lot of attention. It will though.

Dear tree [the Moreton Bay Fig],

You seem loving, but busy. May I be with you and converse?

In this separation between species, it is unusual to speak as you do now. We can only talk in the plural, since there are many others associated with this tree form.

I had counted four devas with you, but there are many more beings, aren’t there?

There are so many speaking through here that we can speak in chorus for only a few minutes.

Please do.

Given our nature, we speak as one toward one purpose — the regeneration of this ailing planet into one of a far more glorious nature, a green sparking jewel-like, precious gorgeous youngster. This is possible. In its wake the planet leaves signals that request assistance, but they are strangled and chaotic, as well as it being a clear and a loving nursemaid of the life forms that exist here. In harmonizing these signals you have come at a good time, to cleanse, and purify and turn them into golden light.


Like my “Walking in the Light” spiritual exercises.

We are familiar with those radiant light forms and this is a far greater scale of them, reaching into star systems, and polarities and principalities that are foreign in nature but constrained to their own planets. These are now reaching out to form an alliance of sorts (best word we can find in your vocabulary), a larger seed or thought-form structure. Not a matrix, but a crystalline-like formation that spans time, worlds, dimensional patterns and the like.

This will be as a Christing for a new being that is coming into formation, one that can fly the stars and interpenetrate all the levels, like a giant spaceship of life. Your Noah’s ark doesn’t speak to its immensity or structure or the joy of its creation.

Does this relate to my forest and the spaceship-like formation they have been building there?

It does. It was started there and the idea took hold and spread throughout creation. The creative forces are now working with your trees to enhance upon its structure and send it out into the universe(s).

At the Thriving People, Thriving Planet workshop, asked of the Moreton Bay Fig:

How do you like this connection and attention?

They are beautiful beings and some are serious in attuning to my many functions and getting my content. In this way is my function eased, supported, loved, and I can rest more easily as I go about what I’m doing.

They find it hard to focus sometimes and flit in and out, but they also have a lot of energy that can be utilized faithfully. Over time they will come into greater and greater function, subliminally, subtly, and in their overt lives in this world. But at another level, in another world (no word to describe this dimension) they are now grander beings and will reach into the stars in time to save this planet from destruction. Their love signals and intelligence will form a path or matrix of travel between these realms and in other universes. We are providing these pathways or vortices to shorten the distances, make them widely known and great new alliances will be formed that tie together the universe into one singing whole. Glorious nature! [This came in like a loud cry, a chorus in exaltation.]

Dear trees [in my forest in New York],

Can you comment on this Moreton Bay Fig? I see that all of you have lifted over a hundred levels higher in spirit and so has it, since the connection was made between you.

Beloved Elisa,

We have been so glad and so busy since meeting this One, who has generously shared all of its resources, associations, and beauteous plans with this tremendous project we have taken on [to save and uplift this planet].

We are flying the stars, making acquaintances, setting up shops, so to speak, in which the new formations that span the universes can be planned, forged, and tried. Though we had local pathways throughout this galaxy, we are now extending further, exploring new civilizations. The stars’ version of Light travel is far grander than ever conceived in your science fiction writers’ greatest imaginations. We are so happy now! [They were happy before but this came in like a wild joyous cry.]

Can I be part of this?

You already are and your readers will be, too. (We know you are writing this for publication). Just take the time to be prepared, finishing up the small debts, clearing the paths, trusting the outcome and all will be ready.

Is there a time frame? I feel funny asking this question, but I know it will be asked.

Time isn’t framed nor projected. In these spaces it is all happening at once, now, but it is also a long trajectory. Do you understand? Patience is not needed, just eternal presence, beloved one.


4 Responses to Thriving Planet Goes to Australia, Part 2: A Most Powerful Tree

  • LindaGM says:
    March 25, 2014 at 2:09 am
    So sooo happy you got to meet this one, Elisa.
    It feels like your overarching purpose in coming here has been fulfilled, despite the obstacles and uncertainty.
    Much love,
  • Johannah says:
    March 25, 2014 at 1:32 am
    thanks for this, elisa. the addendum is especially powerful for me. welcome to my world – i ‘just can’t get it right’ in a linear, verbal way, but feel the existence.
  • pam says:
    March 24, 2014 at 2:41 pm
    Thank you
  • Elisa Novick says:
    March 23, 2014 at 6:33 pm
    I went back to the Moreton Bay Fig once more yesterday, so here is an addendum to the above article. I’m sorry I don’t have time to format it, and with all the voices, you will have to figure out who is speaking, but that is part of what the experience was for me, too. After this wild conversation, or maybe I should call it a wallop of a session, I began walking out of the bamboo-enclosed sanctuary in which this tree dwells and looked back. It truly is enormous, larger than any of the photos can portray (see more of them on my Facebook album) and I was almost bowled over by its shining muscular bulk and beauty.


Dear one,

You’ve come so far and wanted to become like a tree and indeed you’ve grown roots in many places. You are like a giant tree spread over the planet, connecting people, trees, microorganisms. And this initiation of the earth into itself as a whole being and into the people who connect with her/it takes its form and function to new heights. Like a tree lifts its branches up, we too have been lifted up.

But you surpass us in so many ways.

We do that because of an association that is connected to all of the great libraries on the planet and in other places and spaces. We are good readers and we take the opportunities presented. That is all that is necessary as you know.

Yes, I keep doing that on this tour; receiving what is offered, responding. I get a bit worried the offers will run out, or no one will be interested or that I will be forgotten, but it has not happened. Not yet.

It will never. Let’s be in this quiet space together and commune.

It feels like you are doing things to me today. I see tendrils throughout my body, are you working on me, transforming my energy field? Nothing I am typing feels correct.

It is totally incorrect and it is just fine. It is OK not to know, not to get the words. The reality is so much greater that your language doesn’t relate to us. So we are translating, but is disconnecting, connecting, disconnecting, connecting…

Yes that is what I feel. Like I just can’t get it right.

[After this, the tree separates into many beings all working on me, talking at once, even alternating words with me in one sentence. I attempted to take down the multi-conversations. It is up to you if you want to try to read it, dear readers.]

I feel/ it is/ feel a little /crazy.

Yes. We are alternating words.

That is true.

Never mind. Don’t worry. [Different voice.]

I can’t give you anything but love, baby.

Is that you?

It is. We monitor your frequencies.

I know. I’ve been told this by other trees.

Now see/ hear this.

[Lines come from each side of the tree, curling back into a heart shape around us.
Coming in through my throat, spread through my heart, chest, looking, searching for something.]

This frequency is wrong… off… transform it… colors… put this in here… silent communication.

Travail, transformation. Big word.

Not rewired, replumbed.

Is there anything you can do about the pain?

Not really. You are putting things in that are transforming you out of a human into a factory — bad chemicals, not oriented to your being.

How do I eat?

You don’t. It does. it feeds itself, this monstrosity of a being, wants rubbish, needs to be fed, it is hungry. Willingness to change can’t be found. Give it up. When this body transitions, the being is released, pure and whole, new.

[The monster refers to a combination of my basic and conscious selves and my chemical constitution.]

Not a problem. leave the rest out.

I don’t know how to maintain without eating.

It is not necessary, in Rome… It would join us, can’t stop, too stupid.

Can it be removed, this monster?

It cannot be touched, too entrenched.

God, Jesus, please assist.

It can’t be touched, not yet. Be true; be another, alone, don’t worry beloved child, one spirit, one whole, nothing exists but his one life. Light. Nothingness is a myth.


A code, spatial. The dance of the fingers, this keyboard, makes patterns, fun to anoint one’s life with fingers… Totally one… Live again, sweet giving heart.