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Valentines Loveshop

Deepen your experience of loving in a heart-centered atmosphere. Learn powerful, enjoyable techniques to enhance the harmony, clarity and sense of purpose in your relationships. This workshop is open to all; you do not have to be in a couple. This experience can serve to bring more loving into all aspects of your life — your inner consciousness, your interpersonal relationships, and your spiritual connection.

One of the gifts of being together here on this planet is that we can learn and grow and express the beauty inside of us by being in relationship with each other and all of nature. There are wondrous parts of us that do not come into manifestation except when we are in relationship. There are spiritual abilities that only work when in attunement with others. And there are negative patterns we hold inside that we get to see and clear within the crucible of relationship. If this is an essential element of our spiritual purpose here, let’s become masters of relationship. Loving, caring, compassion, understanding are natural qualities of the soul. Let’s bring the Spirit into our relationships through Loving.

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This workshop is usually given as a day-long workshop on Valentine’s Day. It can also be given as a class series for couples who would like to continually learn and grow in love with each other and fulfill their greater purpose together, or for any group of people who want to tap into more of the loving, power and learning that our relationships provide.