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By Transcendence Tree

August 4, 2017

The human race, which is racing toward its destruction, has to hear more about the possibilities available with trees and others available for assistance. They will need all the help they can get in the coming years. There will be some famine and other issues that will need constant attending. The alarm bells being sounded are not getting enough attention by a populace more attuned to their TV and computer screens or struggling for survival. This entails a planet-wide effort and those are few and far between, beyond temporary crises that are soon forgotten like tsunami and earthquake relief. So many are still rebuilding their lives, forgotten for the today’s tragedy.

If you want this to continue as a place for learning and growing and thriving, all must listen to these words. Your race has a finality to come, too soon as far as your so-called efforts and goal setting is concerned. Raising carbon limits for wealthy corporations while others suffer is not a way to mitigate climate change. Equality fumbles in the dark, having no takers, but we are all in this together equally. Get with it humanity! The needs are obvious, the natural solutions are best.

Transcendence Tree

Awakening awareness of the spiritual levels will be necessary in order to forge the cooperation necessary to renew the life force so it can rebuild the living structures, but all must get out of the way. Stop building buildings with living trees or with any wood that is not long gone. Leave the forests undisturbed for centuries to come so they can rebuild themselves. Replant the deserts, feed the fish oxygen, clean up their streams. Unburden the pack animals and set them free. They know how to clean up the deserts and set them to thriving once again. And stop eating meat. Those cows are causing untold suffering on the land and in the oceans. If you must eat birds and fish, treat them well with no chemicals. Stop the chemicals! They are ruining the environment and your bodies. Stop the computer games and apply yourself to world healing solutions. These are the games to play, the ones that matter if life is to exist.

And remember to brush your teeth at night, just joking. Your calm and loving aspects must shine on everyone in order to bring forth the children that will serve this planet truly and grow into the cooperative partners they were meant to be.

Make friends, partnerships with each other, with us, with the oceans. They will give back so much more if they are given a chance. Get the plastics out of their waters, the harsh sounds, the chemicals pouring into them through the rivers and other runoffs, the acid in the rain.

Creativity is so important, not tried and not-true solutions, but new ones. Try things. Your experiments, if they do not point to abominations like Monsanto’s “gardens,” will call a stop to the forces that want to clear the planet of life to start over. If you are truly engaged, you will engage those beings and forces that can be of assistance and bring a delay in the destruction to “give peace a chance.”

Love the creatures, make them want to live again. Clean the coral reefs; they can resist acid conditions but the hot temperatures and overfishing keeps them from gaining ground in their self-healing processes. The fish keep them clean so let them grow. We trees can mitigate the temperature rising if you leave us alone to do what we can do. We are ready, we are engaged. We are thinking about how to solve these issues and we have words to deliver. So listen!