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Individual and Couple Sessions

In counseling sessions we focus on transforming your life experience into one of love, happiness, and success as you fulfill your highest purpose and expand your awareness.

Each of us is an evolving being on a unique journey. There are times when learning alternative pathways can make that journey easier as well as enjoyable. In this work we utilize a wide range of skills specifically tailored to your needs and issues. With a holistic approach we can address your personal, ancestral, and karmic history, significant relationships, health, environment, lifestyle, career choices and business relationships, and creative and spiritual gifts.

Together we explore the source of your concerns. Habits and patterns that may have controlled your life in the past are brought to conscious awareness to be changed or cleared, so that you can thrive. Your life can be magnificent!


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Distance Healing

As part of the Thriving Planet World Tour, I decided to offer Distance Healing Sessions, but you are welcome to arrange them at any time.


Tree Love Sessions

DSC06416A very special experience: schedule a Tree Love session for yourself or with your friend(s) or sweetheart. If you have attended a Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshop and desire to deepen your experience or you haven’t been to a workshop but would like to experience this work for yourself or your relationship, this is an ideal way to do it. These sessions can be done in situ with trees of your choice or with trees I know in the area or even online from outdoors or your home.

Contact Elisa for more information about how to arrange sessions, sliding scale fees, or with any other questions.




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I have infinite trust in our ability to heal and learn