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Why choose Elisa?

I believe I am uniquely qualified to do this work. My work has taken place at three different but overlapping levels. As a healer, I’ve worked with people to bring clarity and resolution to their most pressing issues in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. In the groups I’ve facilitated, over 1500 workshops and long-term trainings, we cover most of the themes of human life and interaction, including family patterns and every nuance of relationships. But the ultimate piece of what I’ve developed in the Thriving Planet work has to do with fostering the maturation and mastery of individuals who can work with others in a highly refined state of consciousness to create new energetic blueprints for the creation of a thriving humanity on a thriving planet.

I am not a guru. My mission is to express all of my love and the wisdom I’ve gained to facilitate the process and to bring together the people who want to function and cooperate at this high level. If we are to call in a new manifestation of humanity, one that includes honoring each other and caring for the environment, living from the loving heart with honesty and respect, and cherishing the Light that resides in all beings, it will take people of good intent who have fully engaged in the work of transformation.

The processes I’ve developed over 30 years are unique and powerful. They address who we are as human-spiritual beings. In most of the Thriving Planet workshops, we use a method I’ve called the Laboratory of Life. It is fully experiential, offering myriad opportunities to try out new ways of being. This helps us to heal ourselves at a deep level, as we learn a level of refined attunement, and new options of response to life’s call, and to come forth in our beauty, strength, and capability. In the Godwork Meetings we’ve convened since 1997, we bring all of the mastery we’ve developed into fruition by coming together in service as unique, magnificent individuals in a communion that is precise and intentional. There are abilities that appear in this form of group awareness that one might never be aware of by oneself, but that fit perfectly with those of the others. We can, in this state of awareness, cooperate with all of the highest forces to call forth new energetic patterns to positively influence the trajectory of humanity and the world. And always, we do this in great dedication to serving in love, and for the highest good of all.

Why did Elisa embark on a Thriving Planet World Tour?

Because working  with a group of people is my favorite thing to do. It is thrilling for me and for those who participate.

When I work with people, once we’ve cleared or bypassed the fears, frustrations, and personal concerns, I find that most of us really want this to be a different world, one in which we can be happy, healthy, prosperous, and fulfilled. We also want to serve, to be part of creating that world. The ways and means in which individuals and most groups go about that don’t always add up to the world we actually want because we are trying to work within the parameters in which we grew up, the world we have been handed. After a lifetime of trying to fit in, make it work, and/or rebelling, some have given up those inner dreams of what our lives can be. But those dreams are not gone, just buried, and they are still eager to emerge.

With our infinite creativity, I know we can do more. It takes some attention and a lot of love, peeling away the ingrained habits and belief in limitations, setting the inner creativity and vision free.

There is a very new idea here, that when a group of people comes together in group consciousness, in a very specific and precise way, using the Laboratory of Life method that I’ve learned and developed over all these years, we can do things we’ve never been able to do as individuals — come up with new patterns of behavior, new relationships, new ideas and inspiration for creative courses of action, deep understanding of what is taking place and how it can be brought to health, or reconciliation, or peace, or harmony, or re-created completely in a new form never before imagined.

We know that group mind has caused terrible things to happen, especially when people give up their own authentic, sovereign and unique selves to the group, and that this group mind is easy to manipulate. But what we are doing is quite different, because the Laboratory of Life method actually encourages each individual to stand up in her or his true masterful self, and to come into the group without sacrificing what they know is true. Indeed the group of people cannot reach its full potential if anyone gives themselves up.

It is time to get this work out into the world in a greater way. It is what I’ve trained for and practiced all my life, I’ve witnessed the profound, positive results and there are many for whom this work will fulfill their soul’s true desires.