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Discerning the Spirit Within


Accessing the Inner Master (online)

Accessing the Inner Master, photo from New York training which is now onlin

What is it that we share with the simplest one-celled creature that can also lead to healing and health, completion of karma, life mastery and spiritual transcendence? It is the innate and enduring ability to move toward and away, to say “yes” or “no” to life and all of its joys and challenges. Both primitive and exquisitely sophisticated is that within us which can give us feedback on our inner and outer worlds. We each have an innate organismic response in which personal and spiritual truth are unified with the fabric of the universe.

Our inborn ability to discern the truth of our being and higher knowledge was, for most, hidden away in childhood. Without this ability functioning at its highest, we cannot fulfill our destinies, our psychic and physical immune systems will not function optimally, and we will always be moving from one dilemma to the next. We will be looking to others for answers that we already have within. And most importantly, our heart will not be free.

Discerning the Spirit Within Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Discerning the Spirit Within — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The methods we will learn and practice in this workshop, derived from Applied Kinesiology and spiritual principles, provide tools with which you can once again receive clear information and guidance and open up a far greater experience of yourself and the cosmos than you ever thought possible. At the core of all dowsing methods and kinesiological or spiritual systems of attunement, is the one (the One) that knows. In this workshop, we will go deeply into our innate knowing and offer healing to the damage and identifications that have kept us from knowing ourselves truly and hone our awareness.

Why do this? To be first cause in our lives, aligned and attuned to the universe — from the internal to the external, microcosmic to macrocosmic, fully responsible and responsive to our inner cues and the love and, guidance of Spirit. We will be working “on the mat” and through the spatial awareness of the Laboratory of Life, in playful and profound exploration.

This workshop is offered in day-long or evening format and is also
Day 1 of Accessing the Inner Master online course.

Discerning the Spirit Within — Thriving Planet retreat in France

Discerning the Spirit Within — Thriving Planet retreat in France