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There is So Much More to Us: Our Cosmic Function

Back when I was first experimenting with the potential of finely attuned group consciousness, I invited a group, somewhat experienced in the spatially oriented work I now call the Laboratory of Life, to take part in The Spaceship Game. As we each found the spot on the floor we were drawn to that formed the “spaceship,” a remarkable thing happened.

The ship lifted off. The sensation of travel was unmistakable as well as the sense of being freed from the background noise and restrictions of being on Earth. It was not the first time I had gone “off-planet” with others, but this time it happened amazingly fast, simply through the intention we held and the spatial configuration we formed.


What was even more interesting to me was that each person in the group moved into a role as part of the spaceship. One was clearly the pilot, one the navigator, one the gyroscope, one the power plant, one the ship’s library archive, etc. We began perceiving images and sensations about where we were and what was going on in the dimensions in which we were traveling that formed a quite coherent image and understanding of what we were accomplishing. And though I don’t remember exactly what that was (sorry about that) as I’ve now done so many of these kinds of configurations, what I took out of this was an understanding about what I later came to call our cosmic function(s).

We each found ourselves with a natural tendency toward fulfilling a specific specialized function of the formation we had come into, like cells differentiating into various organs and glands in the body. (Pardon my multiple metaphors; I’ve never tried to fully articulate this before.)

The question for me was whether each one might perform the same function in any group or whether one might have an endless multiplicity of roles that might show up depending on the context of the group. And I don’t have a definitive answer to that question. Certainly in that group, some of the roles seemed to reflect familiar aspects of the personality as far as I knew each of the people participating.

Yet I also felt that there were things we were able to do when in the group configuration that we would never have done individually, nor have had had any inkling that we could do. There was information that came forth that no one person could have known just in their own usual thinking process, as if we had to have all the parts of a body-brain functioning as a whole to know what each part was capable of.

I do have a reference point now, many years later, in what happens in Family Constellations in which each person representing a family member or relevant force (i.e., country, church, land, Life, Death, principle) experiences the sensations and thoughts of the person or element they are representing. The family dynamic and its environment are put on display quite dramatically. When we do the larger systemic work, as I have in the Godwork Meetings, with only the intention of fulfilling the spiritual mission of the group or of being of service to the planet, the possibilities of what and who we become are exponentially greater.

Blessing Tree seeks a new ho

We may find ourselves as facilitators of the process, as guardians, as ones who hold, transmute, intensify, disperse, or fuel the energy, those who can see or sense, those who get what we are doing numerically or geometrically or through color or sound shift. There are an infinite variety of possible functions that we have to tune inward to the “one that knows” in order to describe.

Many times we have no idea of an exact definition of what each or all are doing, except that we can feel the direction of energy flow, or see with the spiritual eyes, beauteous edifices or matrices forming, or have only a profound sense that we are doing what we came here to do, a total peace and the joy of fulfillment, and everyone walks out sparkling.

Here is one set of instructions (or corrections) that may have meaning for you as well that I received for us a few years ago when one of my spiritual partners and I were concerned about what was happening to the planet:

Toning down these forces with resolutions toward quietness and peace and allowing things to unfold more slowly and evenly will give us time to complete the healing of certain attitudes. This is taking time because it is calling down/forth life forces from the ethers to become manifest on this earth and they are not in tune with the current reality. It has to be harmonized and done sequentially to be known in the materiality as reality you can see, taste, smell and touch. Quite a lot of finesse is involved. 

You can be alarmed about the state of the earth, but it is also important to be super-intelligent about the things that are taking place that are supporting earth’s demise — which means that your sensitivities to the alarmist view means you are part of the problem. You are intense in your judgment and calling forth spiritual forces that are moving toward battle.

Are you saying we need to bring more harmonious thoughts to slow things down so they don’t move toward violent and fast progression, towards speedy things we can regret?


It goes against the grain, when we are horrified and impatient to see positive change.

That’s true. And noble efforts are being made and some things have to move quickly, but we are discussing a larger trend that needs to be slowed, that takes place at the earth level. Decisions made with quickness or reactivity can cause disaster.

And are you saying that our desperation is bringing these things about/into being?

Yes, yours and others, though you, being powerfully connected to this earth, have to be more careful than others as you are listened to in the courts above and below; even by your vibrations being out of tune/harmony.

So we have to be healthy, peaceful, harmonious or else?


The realization I’ve come to from the experiences I’ve shared with you is that we truly are grand cosmic beings, just waiting to come forth out of the karmic messes we’ve created and the daily fascinations, with all of the super-powers needed to create the world we know is possible. There are other beings, forces in the universe that go by many names, working to bring about a new dispensation of health and peace for our world. Working in concert, we can be active participants in creating a thriving planet, a springboard for souls to experience joyful co-creation with the angels and masters of Light and the cosmos. We just have to know that we can do it, trust that there is more to us than we have ever suspected, and move into our true place and function.


3 Responses to There is So Much More to Us: Our Cosmic Function
Lizzy says:
October 14, 2013 at 2:02 am
Thank you, once again, dear Elisa!

Strawberrylaughter says:
October 13, 2013 at 11:36 pm
Elisa, I agree with Len. You are a beautiful Woman, (as well as so much more I don’t have vocabulary for). I LOVE this & intend to make it my mantra: “We just have to know that we can do it, trust that there is more to us than we have ever suspected, and move into our true place and function.”Blessings to you

Len Wallick says:
October 13, 2013 at 9:56 pm
Elisa: Thank you for giving name to and providing a descriptive handle for some phenomena which i have been honored to witness many times, and some other phenomena which i have not been privileged to become acquainted with. This has to be one of your best contributions to Planet Waves. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for showing us horizons of humility in correlation to the Cosmos. What a great gift you are.