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Celebrating John-Roger

John-Roger and Elisa

I am celebrating my wayshower, John-Roger, who left his body October 22, 2014 and only became more powerfully present in Spirit with so much love and laughter, taking me higher and higher in the realms of Light. He was more amazing than even many of us working spiritually with him for many decades knew. Only now are people sharing the many miracle stories. He knew everything you had ever done, this and past lives and even what had happened in your “dreams” in the night travels and where you were going when you did your spiritual exercises, but never told you what to do, only suggesting living a life based in loving, integrity, forgiveness, self-knowledge, inner freedom and service.

The first time I saw him over 30 years ago, I went home and had dreams that let me know I now had help in cleaning up my messes and getting to the top of the mountain. Through what I learned from him, I have been able to lift in my spirit and there is nowhere I’ve traveled in the world or in the soul that he and the energy working through him which he termed the Mystical Traveler was not present to assist me in completing my karma, standing in my strengths and my heart and to continue transcending spiritually. I have not found anyone functioning at a higher level anywhere and his legacy through the many organizations he founded and thousands of recorded seminars, hundreds of discourses and books he wrote, will continue to serve humanity. Through his teachings and presence and the inner experiences I’ve had, I have no doubt that my spiritual trajectory is of the highest nature, fully tended and protected. They have informed everything I’ve shared and taught as a person, friend, counselor, healer and workshop facilitator.

One thing I loved about him was that he was so sharp and funny. I once attended a four-evening workshop in which he just told jokes — racist, sexist, Jewish, Catholic, etc., flushing out people’s negativity. Someone would stand up and say something like, “You racist bastard, you…” and he’d work with them until they sat down sparkling with joy, clearing eons of contraction and negativity. He only made one small crack about healers that almost got me, so I spent four nights in enjoyment watching a master at work and play.

He traveled the world many times for over 50 years, in small and large groups, doing Lightwork for the J-R youngplanet. This video is a celebration of him and contains a bunch of little moments in which I think you can see the tender love and light-heartedness he demonstrated, without putting on the airs of a guru seeking abject devotion or self-abnegation. There are also plenty of other videos on YouTube and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness website where you can view portions of seminars he gave and find lots more free stuff to listen to, watch, download, and subscribe to. He also founded many organizations, including the Heartfelt Foundation, which carries out service projects around the globe, the Institute for Individual and World Peace, Insight Transformational Seminars, Santa Monica University and Peace Theological Seminary offering trainings as well as Masters and Doctorate degrees. One could become an initiate and ordained as a minister too, which I am so happy I did. “The wind beneath my wings.” He reminded us over and over that we were each the Beloved.

I love and honor you beloved J-R.