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In the Godwork we place out not only our love and intention, as is so beautifully done in prayer, but we also add some important aspects that make it potent. First and always we ask for only that which is for the highest good to take place, so we are not projecting our emotionality or trying to control what takes place, trusting the highest Light. This Light has been called the Holy Spirit, the Christ Light or in Hebrew, the Shekhina. (Maybe every language and spiritual path has a term for it.) We bring in a precision, an attunement, a Light pattern that we form in consciousness and with the placement of our bodies. With practice we can even do it in the mind’s eye, seeing and sensing the placements internally. This pattern is guided into place by the highest spiritual forces through our knowing, our intuition, so that we become the prayer and the fulfillment of the prayer at the same time. For this to work we need to bring focused attention within ourselves and within the group. In this way, massive numbers of people are not needed in order to reach an undefined tipping point so the world can transform. It is an art that takes some mastery and willingness and presence.

This seed pattern or multidimensional blueprint or matrix, though so exquisitely delicate and not able to be seen with the physical eyes, is nevertheless a field of information. Some people see it with the internal vision as a three dimensional lacework, or a constellation of points of light like stars, or a beautiful shape — often geometric — or color or they hear a tone or a chord, or feel a specific flow of energy or of love. Whatever we experience, what it truly is goes further than we can imagine, because it extends into dimensions that we do not have senses or reference points for. But the representations inform our senses so we know we are actively doing something and in that the feedback is invaluable. Nevertheless, these patterns, blessed and corrected or enhanced or extended by the those working with us and through us in Spirit, become the matrices that can call forth a new, pristine manifestation into our world, our universe and our lives. When the work is complete, we release it and move on in peace, knowing that God’s work is done. A deep satisfaction and profound joy arise from the spiritual heart and all are blessed.

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