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Natural First-Aid for Shock

Here is a short handout for a workshop I gave in New York City after 9/11, derived from the Healers’ Training. The people who attended walked into the room rather zombie-like and walked out alive and functional again. If you have questions about how to apply the information contact me. I have lots more information and I’m sure there is more available online, but this is a good, relatively simple start that I’ve seen work wonders.

With so many disasters taking place around the world untold numbers of people, pets, etc., have experienced shock. At any degree of shock, damage is caused to the organism that is difficult to clear out without specific intervention. Many people are seemingly functional, yet still in shock. They may not even realize that they have been traumatized yet the damage continues to cascade throughout their organisms, affecting physical, emotional, and cognitive function. Spaciness, irrationality, depression, and difficulty in concentrating or sleeping may result, affecting relationships and the ability to maintain safety awareness and skill levels. The immune system and other systems of the body may be compromised, opening us to infections and the development of chronic disease.

By applying these simple methods of clearing shock, we can begin to cope with the stresses we have been experiencing, and to transform them for our personal growth and service to others.

Of course, with any information like this, it is your responsibility to use it effectively and safely. Follow your inner guidance as to what you feel is right for you or not right for you. This information does not replace good medical care when that is needed. For injuries or if you suspect a concussion, internal bleeding, broken bones, or anything else serious, get medical attention as fast as possible. Especially in case of concussion, omit the bodywork that taps or rubs on the head.

For simple shock, these remedies can be invaluable alone or as an adjunct to other treatment for those who’ve experienced trauma as well as for caregivers, firefighters, responders, and others involved.

If you would like to download this handout to use or distribute, here is a link to a pdf file.