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What the Laboratory of Life is Good For

These are some thoughts I had in 2005 when I was thinking about bringing the Laboratory of Life into the corporate world and into international relations. As you can see, my thoughts went further than that. Yet all of it is useful and relevant to any endeavor that involves groups working together and well as our own personal and relational healing processes.

  • We have the rare and wondrous opportunity to experiment with various states of consciousness to see what might work, increasing our ability to forecast the possible results of our action. We bring exquisitely specific intention to the ways in which we apply our attention, thereby becoming first cause in our lives and in our spiritual progression. This is an intensive training in choosing and knowing ourselves as spiritual beings expressing powerfully into the world, bringing healing to what has been and co-creating, with each other and all of the spiritual forces, a new creation — “on earth as it is in heaven.”
  • How many times have you had a situation “blow up in your face” because you were unable to see what was happening below the surface? Can we develop vision to “see” below the surface. We have a sensibility (sense-ability) that can perceive the nature of the system and where its faults and weaknesses are, and this sense can also provide information on how to initiate resolution and positive momentum to the system.
  •  Bringing teams into harmonious functioning.
  • Displaying the relationships between individuals, teams, organizations, countries, for informational purposes and to discover new possibilities for how these can relate.
  • Increasing options: of behavior, of perspective, of response.
  • Getting a different and larger perspective that reveals new possibilities.
  • Exposing the causes of problems in an organization or family or relationships and initiating solutions.
  • A new form of learning systemically that can reveal holistic solutions to global issues.
  • Bringing people into a place where they can see and hear each other more clearly.
  • Clarifying needs and objectives.
  • Bridging the psychological and spiritual worlds, forming the continuum, developing “masterminds” of the “good guys.”
  • Developing fine-tuned awareness to the issues confronting groups. Increasing “systems intelligence” in each of the individuals in a group and in the system itself.
  • This is an advanced form of the “think tank,” or brainstorming. We tap into a higher wisdom than any of us can access individually.
  • It can help clarify an individual’s role in the group or organization and assist that individual to become more efficient and effective in that role.
  • Clarifying the hierarchy of roles in a group or organization can help support each role in that hierarchy.
  • Help people work together with greater ease and communication.
  • Assist each person to become sensitive to the mood of the group and how to work with that effectively.
  • Helping to define and support and engender a sense of the common purpose of a group.
  • Allows for course correction. It can be used to experiment with scenarios to see what works.
  • Achieving states of consciousness that, for most of us, have only been possible on a hit or miss basis with solo meditation. By providing the larger context of the group’s Larger Mind and the sensory feedback of experiencing the energy fields produced in relationship, we are able to bridge the gap between the consciousness we experience in our everyday life and higher consciousness and connect them into a functional continuum.