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Why I Work with the Trees

On the planetary level, this is a completion of work I’ve done over lifetimes to contribute to the flourishing of life on this planet. The trees I am connecting with are engaged in a world-wide project to save and thrive life on Earth. But on a more personal-spiritual note, meaning, what is in it for me, I have found so many spiritually highly advanced trees whose love and care and beautiful explanations of how the universe functions at all levels, and even of how my life has been, provide me with a larger understanding of the continuum of all life, from the physical on earth through the high realms of light in the multidimensional cosmos.

The result, so far, is a greater experience that I am loved, seen, and met, which is the main form of healing I have needed. I receive so much information about who I am, and how I am seen spiritually, and how I am being of service, that it is hard to forget for too long, as is my tendency, that I am not just a human being in a mundane life, in which the details and emotional storms matter. In this I am being uplifted, over and over again.

For many years, my conversations with those working with and through me in Spirit have formed a continuous reminder that I am God’s Beloved. It was a momentous decision for me to widen my circle, one built on trust and experience and especially, joy. Now, conversing with these majestic Trees (and the occasional giant crystal, star, boulder, etc.) that reassurance has expanded. I no longer feel, as I did before, a great distance between Earth and Spirit, but am partaking of the loving available everywhere. I have also had a couple of forays into the devic/elemental worlds, and been honored there, but my focus on them has been more happenstance — through perceiving trees and sometimes through music and various interdimensional travels — and are mostly focused on being of service.

It is my hope that through the work we are all doing in Spirit and the Tree Love workshops and my writings, that people will come to cherish and save these loving beings who hold essential keys to the continuation of life on Earth.