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While I’m on Tour: Counseling and Distance Healing

While on tour, I am offering in-person sessions as schedule permits. For everyone else, I am offering counseling sessions as usual by telephone and/or Skype for as many of you as possible, given my schedule and time zone, and the technology available in the places I am traveling. So far it is working quite well most of the time, with only occasional issues with the technology.

In addition to our in-person time, or by itself, I will also be offering Distance Healing sessions. This is something I’ve done as long as I’ve been a healer, but have only rarely offered formally.

Thriving Planet Distance Healing

In Distance Healing sessions, I give you — as a healer, minister for God, Light-worker — my time, attention, loving intention, prayer, and over 40 years of training and practice. The work is done, as always, with prayer, by inner guidance and for the highest good of all concerned. That means that the Light is doing the work, and that if I were to do or intend something that was not in alignment with what you need or appropriate to your karmic unfoldment, either it would be corrected in Spirit or nothing would take place or it might come in later when it is perfect for you.

What can you expect?

I do not offer or guarantee cure of disease or condition. Whether you feel the difference as a result of our Distance Healing sessions will be according to your level of discernment and whether the work has taken place on a level you can discern. Some people feel many shifts and changes, strongly or subtly, and some remarkable things have happened when I’ve worked with people in this way. Some just feel lighter and can move ahead with their lives and their healing process with less sense of hindrance or resistance or greater strength and joy.

What I Do

I work in any area I find as guided and you can also tell me what themes you would like me to address. This might include physical, emotional, mental, relational, karmic, and spiritual areas.

Techniques might include:

  • Prayer Communion, any of the material I’ve taught in my four-year Healers Training and the techniques I’ve developed and taught in Accessing the Inner Master.
  • Aura balancing — moving through your energy field, clearing, harmonizing, releasing anything of a negative or unharmonious nature that I find, combing, smoothing, balancing, sealing, strengthening, etc.
  • Checking out energetically, each of the organs, glands, body systems, spine. Energy balancing, Glandular Balancing, Cranial-Sacral Technique and unwinding, contact points.
  • Clearing psychic or psychological interference, emotional and thought forms, yours and from external influences. Addressing obsessive or negative thoughts and feelings, in you and your environment and relationships.
  • Calling in specific love and Light frequency patterns and blessings to uplift your spirit or clear whatever might be between you and your spiritual progression.

How to arrange Distance Healing Sessions

Contact me for information about how to set up Distance Healing Sessions, cost, etc., as these will be individually tailored to you and arranged as my travel schedule permits. For those of you who have already been my clients, you can just arrange the session. For those I haven’t worked with previously, I will ask you to fill out the agreement form for Thriving Planet Counseling and have a session or at least a half-hour consultation in person or by phone or Skype at my usual rates.