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Peace Response

Creating Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

When the world is disturbed are you?

Can you respond by becoming stronger, more loving, effective, peaceful, helpful?

Peace is always available.

Your choices can make the difference.


Purpose of the course

  • To create a coherent vibration/vision for a world in which all can thrive
  • Learning to shift states of awareness, to strengthen our ability to choose what we experience
  • Learning to respond from our inner knowing and wisdom, rather than react from the fight/flight/freeze reflex
  • Creating a safe space to feel and heal and try out new options, ways of being
  • Learning about group dynamics, healing heirarchy damage
  • Taking action from a clear harmonious place
  • Learning to harmonize a situation and respond appropriately from clear sight
  • Practicing the power of intercessory prayers, intentions, paradigm reshaping

With the instability in our financial system and global climate change, and threats to our environment, and so much that can lead to our feeling unsafe, more than ever we need to be able to respond from inner strength, positive focus, and creativity. And we need connection – none of us can do it alone.

This is a workshop for people who want to bring peace into their own lives and into the world. It is for peacemakers, for those who want to be effective, powerful, heart-centered representatives of a vision of a thriving planet, and for those who just want to find a stronger place inside themselves from which to live their lives no matter what is happening in the outside world.

We will learn powerful tools to transmute our fears into positive action; to neutralize ancient unserving mental-emotional patterns; to strengthen our consciousness to be able to withstand the changes generated by the current world situation and step up with courage to the new opportunities. We will practice the art of maintaining loving neutrality and shifting states of consciousness, of responding with intelligence from our inner truth and creative inspiration rather than reacting from a fight/flight/freeze reflex. We will learn to hold, as individuals and in our groups, the energetic forms of peace, truth, integrity, inter-connectedness and our vision of a planet in which all can flourish. For peacekeepers, peacemakers, spiritual warriors, Lightbearers, Lightworkers, arbitrators, teachers of conflict resolution, and masters-in-training.

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This course was created shortly after 9/11 in response to the shock and overwhelm and deep concern many of us felt about the course taken by the world. It is still relevant today. It can be adapted to an evening or given in a weekend or a weekly class series.