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A Systemic Approach to Personal, Family and Global Health

Ethnic, political, and religious differences, wars, family breakdowns, disasters, epidemics and emigration impact our lives and relationships for generations.

In these workshops, we use a powerful spatial constellation awareness method to bring to light the formative forces acting upon us and initiate profound healing and thriving for our lives, families, and the world.

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Join us for a profound and fascinating experience, as we explore the larger dimensions of Family Constellation, Systemic Constellation and beyond.

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This class can be given as a single workshop, in weekend format, or in an ongoing series. Though larger groups are preferable, in order to have enough people to represent family members, countries, groups, and organizational forces, it has also worked well even with a very few people or with setting up spaces in the room for each element, in private sessions, or done in the “mind’s eye” during telephone and Skype sessions.