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DSC06676Tree Love Sessions

It is my great pleasure to offer Tree Love Sessions for individuals, friends, and couples.

This can be done in several ways:

  • When we are in an area in which I have special trees that I am communing and working with, e.g., my special forests in New York State and the Mohawk Trail State Forest in Massachusetts, U.S.A. or some of the amazing trees I’ve met around the world, you can meet trees with whom I’ve already created profound relationships and I can introduce you to the ways in which I work with them.  My tree friends are so happy to meet, work with, partner with, people who want to do that with them.
  • When I am in your area, we can arrange a place to meet outdoors with trees. Some people have taken me to visit their favorite trees in parks, on streets, even once in an industrial park. There may be special spots, rocks, crystal formations, or where there are other energetic formations that we can work with as well. I have worked with people on their property to clear, bless, and fully engage with the land, trees, etc., as a spiritual anchor, sacred healing space, and/or beacon of Light action for the planet.
  • I have worked with people via Skype with their favorite trees, either when they were in the physical presence of the tree or even from their homes, which is just as powerful.


Most of the trees we work with are the larger, older trees that have developed sentience and have awakened spiritually. I can usually determine that if you send me a photo or tell me about the tree(s) you wish to commune with.

Why might you want to have a Tree Love session?

  • IMG_2541If you cannot attend a Tree Love workshop or have and want to further your understanding.
  • To deepen your attunement to trees, nature, Spirit, your own inner guidance.

Working on yourself or your love relationships with trees can be profound. In a very safe environment can assist you in addressing any issues you may be working on in your life, especially in regards to relationships, family, your ability to love and be loved, to receive nurturance, your spiritual awareness and development, your interest in functioning as a healer or world healer. For couples, it can bring you together in joy and purpose, can provide healing and/or answers to issues that arise in the relationship.