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It is high time for the invisible worlds to come out of hiding. Or is it we who need to come out of hiding? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if following one’s inner guidance became the norm? If we trusted our contact with the loving, creative intelligence permeating the universe? What if we stepped into the true power and grace and mastery that we admire in our saints and superheroes, to keep revealing even more of the delights of our bountiful universe? We are supported by invisible forces. We exist multi-dimensionally. Let’s stop being embarrassed to say we know things that are beyond our life experience or that we are more than we seem. Let’s bring the invisible out into the open and learn how to make it visible and knowable. Let’s learn how to interact with it with confidence.

Limitation on our sight has caused havoc in our lives and in our world. I’d like to advocate for a new paradigm, in which exploring awareness, checking out what we get, leaning into it, becoming more accurate with it, and giving it respect, can lead us into a greater alignment with what is true and real and beneficial for all.

Maybe we can co-create paradise on Earth. Sure, people in contact with truth might topple empires built on hoodwinking an unconscious population. Sure, some relationships might have to change.

My aunt had a strong intuition to not go into the supermarket one day, yet she overrode it and had an accident that crippled her with excruciating pain until she died nine years later. I’m sure you know similar stories. How many of our leaders have had an uncomfortable feeling that their decisions were wrong, yet ignored it and brought destruction upon us? How many of us have done that in our own lives? I have. Who is the angel at the gate that warns us?

Now the secret is beginning to be revealed. The word is out that there is a knowing that is beyond what our educated mind thinks is so, and increasing numbers of us have had some contact with it. Many have even begun on the path of following what we know inside.

In some circles people are beginning sentences with “I get that…” meaning they are getting information intuitively from someplace beyond their educated minds. What if we acknowledged right out in the open that there is someone inside us that holds a higher knowledge of the cosmos, that we have unseen helpers, that something or someone responds to us, meets us when we ask? What if we didn’t put it way outside ourselves, like believing that God is in some far-away heaven or that higher knowledge is just for spiritual masters and geniuses? Or if we didn’t minimize ourselves by thinking that we are inconsequential specks in the universe? Let’s make it intimate and personal, make it easier to talk about with each other. Make it mainstream.

The modern demand for so-called empirical evidence has made it almost shameful to say that you know what you know unless you have physical evidence to support your knowing. And in many religions it is blasphemy to say you know something or see something. Having a higher knowledge is left to the prophets of old. Knowers and seers are threatening when we don’t have our own inner sight functioning.

We can’t see thoughts, we can’t see feelings, we can’t see intuition. Yet we often refer to our “gut feelings,” or “hunches” and we make decisions based on these more often than we would like to admit. How often has someone you were thinking about called you? Have you felt a pit in your stomach when you were about to receive bad news?

 Sure, we’re not always accurate, but that can be honed. I’ve helped many people to access the highest information they can receive from the highest possible source available to them and have seen the results. You may say, “I don’t see auras. I can’t sense energy fields.” Yet you know when someone is happy. There is a radiance. You can’t isolate that radiance by looking with your physical eyes at the area outside the skin (at least most people can’t), but when you are around a happy person, you know it. The body shows it, of course, but there is more.

The Blessing Tree seeks a new home for the trees. Photo art by Elisa

What do we call the sense that knows that? Who or what is doing all that?

We humans may represent only one stage in our evolutionary metamorphosis toward becoming what we are destined to be. Small grey furry tomato seeds do not reveal the magnificence of the plant they are to become, or the luscious red, orange or yellow fruit they will produce, with their smell and flavor.

Maybe we are just little seeds of what we will become. Not by some passive evolutionary process, but by consciously choosing to explore and to develop our attunement by joining together to find out who and what we are in community and communion.

I’ve spent close to 50 years exploring methods of becoming aware of more than I can see. I learned that when we present the space of a room as a map of consciousness and move from space to space within that area, information is revealed that we did not have before. The spaces seem to form ahead of us as the direction or intention is called forth. Profound healing and transformation become possible in a way that words and data manipulation cannot possibly accomplish.

In groups I explored this way of working for many years and then incorporated family and systemic constellation work, which also are set up spatially. In a family constellation, hidden information about the family dynamics is revealed by the feelings that arise when all those representing the family members are placed in the right spots in the space. Someone placed to represent another’s family member is often surprised to discover that he/she knows what the person they represent experienced.

I learned that I could use a simple self-applied muscle strength test to ask specific, precise questions of my unseen helpers to communicate directly, and gained knowledge and abilities way beyond anything I’d been taught. I found that I could range for, or locate, a frequency (a technique I teach) to help me locate a specific state of spiritual awareness, or to help access a client’s memory from centuries ago.

I wrote letters to God and those working with me in spirit, and then wrote down their answers containing loving support and illuminating information and inspiration I could not possibly have made up.

I discerned that there are trees that are more intelligent than we are, who know that they exist multi-dimensionally, and experience no veils between the worlds. I learned that I can type out discourses from them as wise and revelatory as any spiritual texts we have from our most revered gurus and philosophers.

And especially, I have found that there is more to each of us than we had any idea. As we call our true selves forth from the closets in which we’ve hidden, we are finding each other and sharing what we know. The result is endless wonder, love and connection to all of life.

Many realms of beingness exist simultaneously. . . You are at the threshold of your knowingness; now it’s just a matter of moving into that knowingness. You are at the threshold of beingness; it’s your choice when you move into that. You may stand on the threshold for many, many years, or you may move into your knowingness right now. – John Roger


2 Responses to Is it time for the invisible worlds to “come out of the closet?”

  • Huffy says: Yes, thank you for another wonderful piece, dear Elisa. This guidance you talk about has grown stronger and stronger in me over the years. Many years ago, when I was in the middle of a breakdown, I went to see this wonderful woman who did psychic readings of people. She told me that I had a very strong angelic energy around me but that it was also very subtle and light, and was overridden by my emotions and thoughts. Over the years, through meditation, I’ve got to know this very subtle energy and as i have done so it has taken more and more place in my life. Thank you again, dear Elisa, your magnificent blogs give me so much support and joy.
  • P. Sophia says:  Elisa, Have read several of your wonderful spiritual blogs here, thank you. This one I wanted to comment on, as absolutely, increasingly touching the now. I have always been intuitive as all can be if open to and also visionary in picking up of the universal energy to foresight. Yet recently I have noticed a shift, as I am learning to work with my awakening psychic power, in opening up to receiving and in connection to offering healing. Although I have found some are not ready to explore or receive. But this is not of my relevance I believe as it is just in working through me, I understand is bigger than me or anyone and healing is recognized. Thank you again for giving to us so generously. Hope to comment more later.