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Our Belief

Every culture has living masters who transcend the suffering and struggle of those around them. These people have traits in common: they radiate profound peace, sparkling inner joy, gentle strength, and loving wisdom; they can laugh, and they often present bold and ingenious solutions that are beneficial for all concerned. They have rare qualities that inspire and transform. Those around them are touched, changed, and uplifted in their presence.

These are our precious resources (often unrecognized and underutilized), who, through innate wisdom and spiritual advancement and constant inner work, are ready and able to fulfill their highest purpose in spiritual service to the world. These are the people in whose presence we feel calmer and clearer and more in touch with our hearts and spiritual intelligence. We remember who we are and why we are here, and that we can free ourselves and others from old pain and grief, creating the conditions for a joyful and thriving life for all. These are the ones who can attune to and speak the language of peace, offering loving inspiration and creative solutions.

We believe that there are methodologies and teachers capable of facilitating them, for achieving that kind of mastery, and that those technologies can be discovered, practiced, embodied, and shared with many people, and that we can thereby transform this planet from one characterized by stress and struggle, to one in which all can thrive. This is what many of us have already been doing.

Here is what we have been discovering:  We can each become magnificent; we can learn how to heal our lives and our families, our communities, nations, and planet. We are peacekeepers and peacemakers, stepping up to difficulties with courage, respect, caring, and a profound trust that the highest good of all concerned can be discerned and new forms brought into being. We are honoring ourselves and each other for all we have come through and all that we truly are, and in the honoring, we lift each other up, and create a new thriving planet.

Our Mission

The mission of the Thriving People, Thriving Planet Foundation is to gather people of the highest integrity and awareness to create the conditions that encourage the formation of a new planetary consciousness: one that has as its very core the precepts of tender care, peaceful, harmonious, loving cooperation, respect for and nurturance of the planet and all its living beings, fostering a continuously expanding state of health, abundance, and freedom to grow and flourish.

To teach the skills of becoming spiritually empowered, loving, creative, joyful peacemakers.

To hold and radiate peace and energetic patterns of exquisite clarity with which the world can come into resonance, or utilize as new energetic paradigms. These patterns are multidimensional blueprints that can be “read” for inspiration, resources, course of action, course correction, and successful outcome. And the words that come forth as a result of experiencing these new paradigms can be shared through speaking and writing.

What We Do

Find, gather, train and employ people who are actively engaged in healing and uplifting consciousness in themselves and others, who have the ability to share their wisdom and skills with others in order to increase the numbers of individuals and groups that can radiate and share the energies of peace, integrity, and clarity. We bring these people into conscious attunement in groups, tapping into greater knowledge than is available to us as individuals.

Teach workshops for individuals and groups who wish to be happy, healthy, and of service, developing their abilities to form, hold, and share levels of awareness and exquisite attunement that can be felt and acted upon — that lead to inspiration, loving commitment, and action, increasing spiritual knowing of truth and the loving Light of God. We teach skills of deep communication, interactive negotiation and resolution, and systemic constellations, to find mutually uplifting solutions to issues and dilemmas caused by seemingly competitive needs and values. We practice responding from a place of acceptance and willingness to be in the creative process of reconciling conflict. We help those attracted to our purpose to develop their spiritual capabilities to stand in their magnificence and unique beauty, to neutralize or transmute negativity, to harmonize conflicting energies, to hold with the highest view of any situation and bring hope and inspiration to their communities and the world.

Bring groups of emissaries of peace and healing to conferences and gatherings designed to create new paradigms of thriving, to contribute our wisdom and clarity and peace.

Travel to places on the earth that have disturbance, to radiate peaceful, coherent, congruent frequencies of quiet and stillness and prayer, as well as playful, joyful, sparkling vitality, that can change the dynamics in those areas, and to share our knowledge and abilities with those seeking to enter into a positive flow of awareness and decision-making and action.

Our Intention to Establish a Foundation

In the past, the people who have held and could enable our highest aspirations for this world have not always been supported to do their best work. Owing to considerations of material survival or because they were alone in their efforts, they never reached their fullest expression. And so this planet has been denied some of its most precious resources. With a Foundation we can raise the funds necessary to support us to do the Work. We can train one another, meet, travel, attend conferences, publish a website and printed materials, and let other organizations know of our presence and eagerness to be of service. We can arrange conferences, advertise workshops, and give scholarships and material assistance to those who wish to attend them. And in the future, our dream is to establish a living community and university to continue our work.

We joyfully invite your participation and generous donations!