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Donations, registrations, and session fees

Payments for Thriving Planet Workshops and Sessions:

Please use the Donate button below to send a payment using PayPal or your credit card for any Thriving Planet workshops or counseling sessions or donations to the Thriving Planet World Tour. After you put in the amount and go to the next screen, there will be a place where it says: Add Special Instructions. Kindly leave a note there indicating whether this is a donation or payment for a session or workshop registration and the date(s) of the sessions or workshops.

If you cannot use PayPal or a credit card, or your country won’t accept this organization for any reason, send me a note (below) and I can send you a different address to send to or Bank Transfer information. Venmo and Cash App are also accepted. Contact Elisa (see below) to arrange.

Thank you!

Contact Elisa to:

  • Request information
  • Schedule an appointment for a Thriving Planet counseling session
  • Register for a Thriving Planet workshop
  • Arrange a Thriving Planet workshop in your town or country
  • Share comments, testimonials, lovenotes

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