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The Godwork Meetings

Fulfilling Our Ultimate Purpose

Co-Creation with God

These “Meetings,” which have been held every few years for a period of from an afternoon to several days, are where we can fulfill ourselves totally by being of service to God and our planet, working in full cooperation with the highest spiritual forces to attune to what is taking place on the planet and address it spiritually. We form new exquisite energetic matrices of such beauty, clarity and congruency, that they can be tapped into by any and all. These patterns and pathways are available to inspire new creative paradigms of thinking and behavior or bring healing and succor or reconciliation as needed. They may initiate or energize movements that have loving intention toward freedom to live and thrive for all; the flourishing of all life and ecological systems, or may serve at the soulic and cosmic level. They are formed and function only for the highest good of all, and cannot be corrupted, and may last as long as needed, a day or a thousand years.

Doing this level of work takes having done much personal inner work, so that each participant is clear, stong, refined, and attuned enough to come into the level of cooperation and communion required.

Many of those who have participated have done so after much self-development with Elisa’s facilitation. They have refined and strengthened themselves in the Laboratory of Life, while developing multidimensional awareness, cleared genetic strain for themselves and their ancestral lines and nations in Kinship Dynamics and the Flows of History, aligned themselves with their souls and God in Living From the Soul, and gained precision attuning to their inner guidance by working with the skills presented in Accessing the Inner Master. They have addressed deep personal issues in private sessions. A few were able to participate with inner knowledge and abilities gained elsewhere.

Each Meeting has been characterized by a sense of common purpose that transcended all personal foibles and by a profound joy that we were doing what human spiritual beings are truly capable of and want more than anything else to do. We have been powerfully and wonderfully changed by these experiences and live forever grateful for all that we have given and received.