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As we are about to have a hurricane come through here on the East Coast of the United States, I thought you might like to hear this talk I had with the Maple in my forest before the big hurricane in 2011. It was remarkable to me in that she indicated that the trees there were concerned about not being able to continue the work with me if something happened to them. They take seriously the planetary, spiritual and publishing work that we’ve been collaborating on. (If you don’t know what we are referring to, read the introduction, An Oak Tree Changes My Life.) The trees are making new formations in order to try to save humanity and it seems some level of me or beyond me, unbeknownst to me, is capable of offering specifications for those formations. Amazing! Also that it helps them to partner with humans because they’ve lost so many of their own. We are all capable of cooperation like this if we just know that we can, learn to attune, and then present ourselves in service. For me there is nothing more gratifying. Now, reading back, I don’t understand what she meant in saying they used to be able to fly away; I’ll have to ask her someday. At the end of this talk, I’ve added a bit of what she said after the hurricane, too.

I have stopped by the Maple/Secretary Tree and to my great surprise, felt something like hysteria.

Is something wrong? Are you hysterical? Or am I picking that up from myself or elsewhere?

You are knowing me too well, my dear. This is not the way in which I wish to greet you.

That is alright. I’ve greeted you in all kinds of emotional states and you’ve always stood lovingly with me as I went through my gyrations. You are usually so calm and joyous.

That’s true. . . .

There is a new interesting thing happening here. In our past(s) we were able to fly freely away from an area that was about to be inundated with rain or unwise weather. We can’t rise up out of this soil. Though we are not secure, we don’t worry about things that haven’t happened. But everyone is on alert now.

Is this because of the hurricane coming through on Sunday?

It is a storm like we’ve never seen and it is not improbable that it will be coming into this area. The preparations are not unlike yours. “Battening down the hatches” is something we do as well, in different ways.

If lightning strikes, we may be killed and that is not usually a problem, except that we are now wondering how you will do if that happens.

Oh my God, does our connection extend to this? That you would be afraid to upset me?

We are bound together, yes; to get a mission completed that might be available to others for information, guidance, etc. We are all working together on this and this unfortunate incidence of storms arising from man’s carelessness and not controlling these things . . .

Can we control these weather patterns? I have seen prayer seem to move hurricanes out to the ocean.

That is possible and we are grateful for such an idea. Let’s pray together.

Thank you. I am honored.

[I ranged to find what it meant to join in prayer with the trees and found a broad and high encompassing awareness. We’ll see what happens. I am a bit bowled over that they (or at least she) were worried about dying because of what it might do to me and the work, the book, etc.

She feels calm and strong to me now.]

Sweet friend, are you OK now?

I am well, thank you. We aren’t allowed to move past our own bailiwicks in terms of area we cover. But in this forest we cross all boundaries to enable this fantastic task to continue.

Have I stretched you as you have stretched me?

You are fantastically overbearing my dear; bringing us to new places and forcing us to our highest statement of being, acting as a conduit for planetary resources and challenges to be handled and faced and addressed. This is a United Nations-like nexus point on the highest level. The meetings that you’ve attended in the other realms come through and anchor in this glen, the group of trees you call the Senate meet regularly and are involved with your “Lightwork.” All are in harness together and we love that. It is exciting and activating and reassuring in that we can safely assume that we are being used well in a fashion that will not impede anyone’s progression. Satellite dishes send signals out into space and receive them. We do not have a receiver as powerful as we would like. It has come about for all of us to get together to create this broadcaster/receiver to your specifications.

I wasn’t aware of giving any specifications.

You don’t know it. We aren’t tall for no reason; we give our song and dance to others and they dance back in another rhythm. This behavior has continued forever. Now we continue to dance out these rhythms into the earth and into the stars rather consistently.

Is this tiring?

We aren’t given to fatigue; only a rhythm that comes to a halt can be shocking to our systems. That is why we are given to being solemn when one of us falls down for any reason. It means the sound/song/rhythm is no longer there and we have to accommodate newly. We have lost rhythms in large numbers and now we join ours to yours and they get stronger and more precise and more humble and graceful. This constant broadcast gives us the shivers in a way; make the breathing/transpiring process more intense and uses great stores of CO2 and other gasses to function properly.

You are telling me you are huffing and panting like a human doing strenuous activity.

Yes, I guess I am.

But there is strain?

No. Just more strident colors produced in ways that match and yell and scream in new pattern. Quite beautiful, like new artists are we.

Wow, that is great. I am still worried if you are straining or hurting at all.

Not really; we are excited and enjoy being utilized and this is great fun!!!

Oh good; I wish I could see your artwork and hear your rhythms.

You will, my dear. Just open your thinking to our song cycling around in this mirror of your being.


November, 2011, a few months later

Dear Maple,

Are you hurting, having lost branches in the hurricane?

It is not hard to suffer my dear, but why bother? I am happy, joyful and real. I exist everywhere and every when; no matter about a few little branches. They do not suffer either. Just a shedding.

And if it all were to die?

Then we would betake ourselves elsewhere. Or something else. We are flexible.

You are. Despite brittle branches.

Anything else?

We are glad to be in your presence.