A special call to those who are called to be Lightbearers for this world.

We have the ability to work through the Light to bring forth a new manifestation to this planet. When we work together, the action of the Light is multiplied.

My job is to bring together those people who desire and are ready to come together in communion to call forth a new manifestation, in accordance with our awareness of the highest truth and in willingness to allow that which is for the highest good of all to be translated into this level through them. As Lightbearers and Lightworkers, we want only to serve and to put away those things that are no longer working for us in order to be there when needed or called. We are willing to do the inner and outer work necessary so we can be healthy, happy, and available to the inspiration coming to and through us. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to be open and show up.

So many of you have been waiting to be called. Here is a call. If your inner guidance says yes, make yourself known and I will bring you together with those who are also on that wave of information. Some of you will know that this isn’t for you, not your time, not your place, not those you can serve with; and that is fine. There is no force, no last chance, no pressure. But if it is time, put it out there, let me and others know and make it happen.


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3 comments on “A special call to those who are called to be Lightbearers for this world.
  1. di vincent says:

    i am very interested in yr work,, is there a way i can be involved or can work on my own clearing more to be ready ? i would like to study it , and live in australia. personal study i mean thankyou,, di xx

    • Elisa says:

      You are welcome to contact me to get information about individual sessions. Also I will be teaching workshops in Byron Bay from March 14-16, 2014. Take a look at the contact page for sending me a note, and the Thriving Planet World Tour Itinerary page for Byron Bay, Australia for information about the workshops. Thank you for contacting me. Blessings, Elisa

  2. Hello Dear Elisa,

    I am here to serve the planet. It is clear. I have just moved from Australia to Ashland Oregon.
    I would love to connect and assist in anyway I can.
    Blessings to you,

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