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Laboratory of Life Retreat: France

Le Pinacle

Chalon-sur-Saône, Burgundy, France
Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28, 2013

Optional: Friday evening, April 26, Introduction to the Institute for a Thriving Planet

Our Retreat to the Laboratory of Life combines three Thriving Planet workshops:

  • Laboratory of Life Engaging profound personal healing, learning, and thriving using the Laboratory of Life method.

In the Laboratory of Life, we explore aspects of human existence from the personal to global, microcosmic to the macrocosmic, everyday life to cosmic/spiritual awareness, using an enjoyable method that can bring vast new learning and insight. We expand our options of being and interacting. Tailored to the group present, we might address personal and generational healing, and global themes like attention and intention, choice, presence, honoring, and the spiritual life.

Because the method is experiential, rather than didactic, the results are profound. Participants find that many of their most difficult issues — traumatic memories, painful relationship issues, family burdens, even health maladies, come to resolution or completion, often without even addressing them directly. Or that they now had new understanding that helped them move from struggle to ease. They’ve moved from a few conditioned reactions to having many more options of response to life challenges. They have more inner freedom and ease. The world becomes an enjoyable place to express one’s talents and abilities and creativity. And the attunement they gained engendered awareness of being intimately connected to all of life, a new sense of themselves as human, spiritual beings, capable of love, mastery, and transformation.

  • Tree Love: Heart of the Forest Utilizing the skills we learned in our personal process to come into communion with nature, beginning with the beautiful trees at Le Pinacle.

Eleven years ago Elisa walked down a forest path and was met by a wave of love like nothing she’d ever felt before. It was emanating from a magnificent and noble oak tree. Since that time, she has had astounding experiences indicating that there is a sentience in trees beyond anything most people have ever suspected. As an introduction to attuning our awareness to nature, Elisa will be sharing some of the methods she uses to commune with the trees and to deeply know ourselves as partners in the life of the planet.

Entering into service as planetary citizens by addressing the larger systemic issues affecting our world and calling upon our love and wisdom to bring healing and thriving to our planet. If you have wished or prayed to be able to serve in a greater way, creating the world we want starts with us.

We have within us the ability to call forth the original pristine balance and resilience that life has created over millions of years. We can also co-create new coherent, exquisite patterns of healing and thriving to act as blueprints for a trajectory for humanity and our planet. We come together in trust that these new patterns become the seed-forms, the new paradigms, the organizing principles — available to all and for the highest good of all.

We exist within a complex multidimensional web of relationship. As we heal ancient limiting patterns, we become able to tap into greater levels of freedom and mastery throughout the continuum from our individual existence, to deeper connection with those in our lives, to awareness of ourselves as planetary citizens.

The Laboratory of Life process gives you an opportunity to learn deeply about yourself and the underlying energetic patterns that inform your life. This might include your inner life, your approach to relationship, family and ancestral feelings and thoughts that affect you — not always consciously — as well as social, political, and ecological systemic disturbances that affect your way of being in the world. We learn to bring these into resolution and balance. We can then create a world in which all can thrive, where action arises from integrity, inner knowing, and our innate goodness and joy.

The Process

We position people spatially in a room or other environment to create a dynamic map of relationship. Consciousness is holographic and can be perceived as a result of intentional movement in relationship to others in our environment. Within these constellations of relationship, we can address almost any theme, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, tailored to the needs of those participating. This can result in profound personal healing and learning of new options for how to live your life in this world.

When group consciousness is aligned with sincere intention in harmony, without sacrificing our unique individual selves, we begin to develop abilities we rarely achieve by ourselves. The group then develops its own awareness, information becomes available that was not known before, and we can enter into service to the whole.

In our Laboratory of Life workshop, you will have an opportunity to participate in an amazing and enjoyable experiential process toward becoming all you were meant to be and to join a world-wide process of healing and thriving for our beautiful planet. The work is highly personal and accessible as well as spiritually uplifting, without limits in its application. It is powerful, exciting and profound!

The Place

Le Pinacle, a beautiful manor house, located in the picturesque wine country of southern Burgundy, which has been lovingly restored and dedicated to music, art, and cultural encounters. There are lovely gardens, views of the vineyards and a park with lovely old trees and a fountain.

We will meet Saturday and Sunday. There are beautiful rooms available for those who do not live locally. Meals will be served…


Laboratory of Life Workshop:  It is highly recommended that you register for the full two-day workshop as we will be building skills and covering a lot of material throughout the retreat. If that is not possible, you can register for one day only.

  • Full two-days (highly recommended):  000€
  • One day: 000€
  • Friday evening introduction: optional, open to all, but especially recommended for those who cannot attend on  Saturday, but can attend on Sunday: 00€
  • Accommodations: 00€ per night, includes breakfast?
  • Meals:  00€ for ?