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Meditation in Alignment With the Soul

This is a meditation class like no other you have ever experienced. You will be guided through a process designed to attune to your Soul — literally allowing your soul to meditate you. If you have had difficulty concentrating or quieting your mind, or been unsure how or where to focus in meditation, this is for you. If you already have a meditation practice, you will be able to use what we do in this class to bring you to a higher level with your practice, and if you have never meditated, this will be a great beginning.


Peace, happiness, and love represent the inner world. As you tune to that inner world, you may begin to experience peace. The emotions subside; the mind becomes quieter. You may feel the Spirit touch you; you may hear a voice whisper, ‘Peace, be still.’ You will know that you are awakening to your true self more and more.”

“Spirit lives in the inner consciousness. Its voice rings in the stillness of your heart. Its movement is in the perfect stillness within. Its greatest expression is in the peace and loving that reside at the core of your beingness.”