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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, October 11-15, 2014

On this visit to Singapore, Elisa will be offering three powerful workshops:

Saturday, October 11, 2014, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Laboratory of Life: Finding Your Highest Purpose

Location: To be announced

Sunday, October 12, 2014,
Thriving People, Thriving Planet & Tree Love Heart of the Forest
Part 1: location to be announced
Part 2: Shinjuko Gyoen National Garden

Wednesday, October 15, 2014,
Tree Love Heart of the Forest
Meiji Shrine

Thank you to Yuzuko, Takao, and all will be attending and opening their hearts and homes to make this happen.

Workshop Registration and Appointments for Thriving Planet individual or couple sessions:

Contact: Yuzuko Nishikawa

For more information:  Elisa Novick

Language: Workshops and sessions will be conducted in English and translated into Japanese.

Elisa Novick and Thriving Planet World Tour

Lightworkers for a Thriving Planet

Join us for an intimate evening with Elisa Novick, MSS, who has taken her work as the Institute for a Thriving Planet on tour to foster healing and thriving for people, trees and our beautiful planet.

Elisa has been a visionary, counselor, healer and facilitator of over 1500 workshops for 30 years. She has developed powerful methods of realizing our magnificence as loving, effective, spiritually-capable beings. She’s explored the wondrous multi-dimensional awareness that appears when a group of people who desire to be of service move into alignment, forming new exquisite, coherent energetic blueprints for a healed, thriving planet. The purpose of the Thriving Planet World Tour is to welcome people as world-healers and to facilitate the process of co-creation.

We exist within a complex multidimensional web of relationship that transcends time and space. As we heal ancient limiting patterns, we become able to tap into greater levels of freedom and capability and can take part in the magnificent creation that is this universe. Elisa will introduce the work she has developed for refining our attunement — the next language of communication and collaboration with people, animals, plants, planets and those working with us in the higher realms.

She will tell of the work she has been doing for 11 years with a group of Master Trees who have been her companions and partners and share their stories and mission for saving the earth. When we commune with nature we experience something that meets our hearts and opens up another world, as we deeply know ourselves as co-creators in the life of the planet. This is some of the most advanced and profound work taking place in our world.

You will have an opportunity to experience a taste of the work of the Laboratory of Life, the basis for many of the Insitute for a Thriving Planet workshops. If you have wished or prayed to be able to serve in a greater way, creating the world we want starts with us.


The time I spent in the Laboratory of Life workshop was amazing! Elisa made us feel safe and seen… It was powerful, liberating and truly magical! Elisa is one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced.
— Brett Bevell, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Reiki Master, author