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Holographic Multidimensional Awareness For Relationship, Attunement and Co-Creation

We exist within a complex multidimensional web of relationship that transcends all time and space. As we heal ancient limiting patterns, we become able to tap into greater levels of freedom and capability and can take part in the magnificent creation that is this universe. We dance with mastery through the continuum from individuation to conscious connection to cosmic awareness.

This Laboratory of Life process gives you ample opportunity to learn deeply about yourself and the underlying energetic patterns that inform all of reality, so that we can create a world in which all can thrive; where action proceeds from integrity, deep inner knowing and our innate goodness and joy.

We use the configuration of people through the space of a room or other environment to create a dynamic map of relationship that includes the seen and unseen realms. Consciousness is holographic, and can be perceived by intentional movement in relationship to people and other beings in our environment.

When group consciousness is aligned with sincere intention in a harmonious frequency or chord of frequencies, we can heal and function spiritually in ways we rarely achieve by ourselves. If there is such as a thing as a New Age, it is an evolutionary stage in which each of us can be our unique magnificent self while joining in spiritual communion with others for healing, joy, and service with all of Creation. In this Laboratory of Life workshop, you will have an opportunity to participate in an amazing and enjoyable experiential process of becoming all we were meant to be. This work is highly personal and accessible as well as spiritually uplifting, without limits in its application. It is powerful, exciting and profound!

Elisa’s healing process is clear, aligned with Spirit, and extremely powerful. She knows what she is doing and is extremely qualified at navigating and setting free the multi-dimensional places where our energy can get stuck, blocked or dampened. If you think of the human experience as a complex electrical organism, then Elisa is a master electrician who knows how to find the right frequency, the right wiring, to set you free.

The time I spent in the Laboratory of Life workshop was amazing! Elisa made us feel safe and seen. And, she used a constellation style process that went far beyond just family systems, but also touched upon the devic realm and the Divine. I felt transported through time, aware of places in time/space that had long since passed but which felt immediate and present in the room. It was powerful, liberating and truly magical! Elisa is one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced.

Brett Bevell, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Reiki Master, author