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Articles, Commentary, Spiritual Q&A

This section includes articles I’ve written, commentary of various sorts and the conversations I have with those in Spirit with whom I am in communication. (There are also communications with Trees in the Tree Love section and in my articles on Planet Waves.) I don’t go into trance — I don’t “get” that is spiritually clear — I just type out my questions and answers. And I’ve done this long enough to trust that I am not making this up; I’m not able to do that. For years I wrote letters to God et al and wrote down the answers that came to me just because I needed understanding from a higher and wider perspective, especially when I needed solace or reassurance or felt some kind of disturbance. Then I began asking for suggestions of what to work on with my clients and the validations of the information I have received has been specific and ongoing. There are ways in which I’ve set this up to only get information from the highest possible source. You can check it out for yourself and if there is something here you can use for your life, please do. Even better, trust that you too can have this kind of contact. And if you want assistance in getting in touch, that is something with which I can assist you in sessions or workshops. Living from our inner knowing is intrinsic in everything I teach.

I believe the world needs God-guided people who are dedicated to the idea of being of service in whatever way is for the highest good of all concerned.

These conversations can include you. I welcome your comments, sharing, questions, discussions. (Sincere discussion is welcome but highly negative commentary will not be posted.) Let’s make this a lively forum!