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Big Brother is on the Move

So strange, what is happening now. Big Brother is on the move.

Voices are being suppressed, not just those who urge people to hate and be violent. The whistleblowers, reporters, scientists, doctors, who call out the danger of 5G danger and surveillance, chemtrails, vaccinations, the horrifying role of Fauci, Gates, et al, in causing vaccine damage and death and pandemics, etc., on almost any platform, are being taken down, despised, ridiculed, words twisted. Every public platform removed David Icke’s videos at the same time and they call us conspiracy theorists and paranoid. The irony of it!

One link after another comes up with messages saying the content has been removed or didn’t meet the guidelines. I no longer like watching the party line being touted by the political comedians that I usually enjoy. They are not getting it, whether because they don’t know or are not allowed to speak all of the truth or are sure they have the whole story, the real story. 

If you do not want diseases, heavy metals, RNA fragments that can change your genetic structure, etc., injected into your body, or to eat GMOs that can turn your body into an herbicide factory or sicken you, or to breathe heavy metals and other poisons pouring down daily from the sky, or to be able to see the sun and moon and stars without the constant haze and clouds or tens of thousands of shiny satellites blanketing the planet with high-frequency radiation, you are being conflated with right-wing extremists on the nutcase fringe. The cries of “fake news” are flung from every direction. The lines between right wing and left wing are getting blurred as they find some uneasy commonalities.

Public opinion is being powerfully manipulated by more than one propaganda machine in directions any sane or caring person would not want us to go. These propagated opinions become more malevolent the more they are repeated, like a toxic game of telephone. False choices are given: do you choose health or freedom? As if we all must agree that vaccines produce health, that social distancing and wearing masks prevent the spread of disease. Doesn’t everyone want fast download speeds and a “smart house,” no matter how dangerous the radiation blanketing the planet will be to our bodies, to birds and insects and trees and all living beings? Even if those towers could be used as the crowd control weapons they were originally developed as? Doesn’t everyone believe that we need to modify genetics and patent seeds and spray our crops with poison to feed the planet? Who cares that over 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide due to the so-called Green Revolution? 

All of these things I’ve mentioned, combined with the refusal to do anything to mitigate climate change, including continuous deforestation, form a “perfect storm,” a synergy that can destroy our health, with the logical and possible endpoint the controlling and/or murdering of all or most of the human population and possible collapse of all systems of life on Earth. But we are not supposed to talk about it! 

I contemplate what my ministry is in this? How can I best serve? How can I maintain my joy and loving and Light in the face of what I am seeing? I know my job is not to get up on a soapbox and scream or even talk extensively about the negative things; others have that job and bless them for doing it. I know that I came here to anchor the Light and the loving and to assist in the upliftment of all who wish that and of the planet. I cannot know whether anyone, in this frightened, benighted world, will be able to hear the message of the books that I am writing, but I still have to write them. I believe they hold an essential key to the salvaging and re-thriving of planet Earth. The Lightwork I engage in continues unabated fortunately, so on that level I have great gratification and fulfillment.

I am aware and work on the fact that some of this feels personal or tribal to me. In the rise of oligarchical fascism, I “remember” the rise of the Nazis — and many of the same characters are involved — from my own past life memories, the history of my Jewish ancestors in Europe, from the stories I’ve heard and movies I’ve seen. In my fear of forced vaccinations, I remember how I used to faint after every vaccination and, I was told, went into convulsions. I remember running up the school auditorium aisle to get away and being dragged back to get my shot, and the bloody scratch on my arm from pulling away from the needle. I became terrified of hypodermic needles, couldn’t bear the smell of the rubbing alcohol or the smelling salts they used to rouse me. It was a little death for me because wherever I went when I was out, I didn’t want to come back from. It was not a normal dream.

I have known for years that I was infected by a couple of wild monkey viruses from the Salk polio vaccine, but have not been able to figure out where the Epstein-Barr Virus came in. The healing of the fatigue and pain and periodic health breakdowns that have afflicted me almost as long as I can remember, that in part are why I became a healer spending much of my life researching holistic health, is still so much of what takes up my day. Yesterday I finally learned the answer. EBV was one of the viruses in the Salk vaccine! I hadn’t thought to ask spiritually about that because I didn’t have the information.

I pray that enough people will see the dangers of giving up our freedom to make our own choices for our health, to fend off the 5G towers and satellites, the airplanes spraying heavy metal and other toxic substances upon us, and the push for mass mandatory vaccination that is being prepared and promoted already and the rise of GMO crops and trees, and that we will have the wisdom to do everything in our power to co-create a wholesome, thriving planet.