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A Planet-loving Ministry by a Tree Whisperer

A Planet-loving Ministry by a Tree Whisperer

July, 2015

On the Thriving Planet World Tour with Rev. Elisa Novick, MSS

For the past few years, Rev. Elisa has devoted her life to serving people and all spiritual beings—particularly trees—in her travels around the planet. She recently took the time to respond to questions about her remarkable, expansive ministry from NDH reporter Rev. Teri Breier.

New Day Herald: Hi Elisa. By way of introduction, where are you from and how long have you been a minister in MSIA?

Elisa Novick: I grew up in New York and until my recent travels, resided in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts in the eastern United States. I’ve been in MSIA since 1981 and was ordained as Minister of Light in 1988.

I would like to start by expressing my gratitude to John-Roger and everyone in MSIA for all that I’ve received and for this opportunity to share what is in my heart with you. I am honored, blessed and dedicated to being a conduit of the Light in all that I do.

NDH: Thank you so much for your willingness to share your beautiful ministry with our worldwide community. Can you tell us about your background? What is your purpose and mission?

EN: For over 33 years, my mission has been to empower the personal and spiritual maturation of those who wish to create fulfilling lives in alignment with their soul’s loving and knowing. I also facilitate group processes to create new blueprints for harmonious relationships on a thriving planet, including people, trees, all of nature, and the spiritual dimension. My ministry embraces the continuum of life, from our presence on the planet as beautiful human-animal vehicles embodying even more beautiful souls, to the knowledge that as souls we are Grand Cosmic Beings, participating in all of Creation. As MSIA teaches, we are evolving to become fully aware of our multi-dimensionality, gaining mastery of life and Light. I believe that together we can attune to, create, and re-create this world as a place wherein all may thrive.

NDH: So, how would you describe your current ministry?

EN: For more than two years I have been on the “Thriving Planet World Tour,” traveling around the globe to various locations, guided by Spirit, bringing methods and workshops to expand the consciousness, healing and spiritual attunement of individuals, groups and the Earth. A very special part of this tour is a workshop I call Tree Love: Heart of the Forest, which supports human souls to commune and engage in loving relationships and service with the souls of sentient majestic trees.

NDH: Wow! Are you saying that trees actually have individual souls?

EN: Many of them absolutely do! Through 12 years of communicating, sharing love and joining in service with an amazing group of trees in a small section of forest in New York State, I discovered that I could commune primarily with the larger, older trees who were functioning at soul level and above. These trees are individuals. They are not devic, though a few have devic spirits associated with them, and they may also have relationships with the angelic and archangelic kingdoms and other sentient beings in the physical and non-physical realms.

NDH: How did you first begin communicating with trees?

EN: In 2002, I had a remarkable experience with a majestic oak tree that completely transformed my life. In my own spiritual journey, I had been focused on gaining greater access to my inner knowing a direct experience of God. Once I was attuned to Spirit and able to perceive precise answers to my questions, the awareness of love and sentience emanating from trees and other beings on this planet was a natural next step.

When I first encountered the Oak, it sent out a wave of love to me, so profound that I felt my entire being respond. I was in tears—of joy, of relief, of being met. The message I received from Spirit was that this was a partner with whom I could work anywhere in the galaxy. On my scale of 1–10 of human intelligence (and I’ve only met two 10s, one of them John-Roger), this tree was a 16! After I asked the Inner Master what was happening, this is what came through:

The trees are masters and can be teachers for those who wish to listen to them. When you were first in the woods with the oak you fell in love with it. It loved itself in your eyes and came into life anew with grace issuing from its bark and its leaves…

They are not stupid. You have to get past this idea that they are stupid. They are connected with all trees and can supply information and wisdom that you can use. Don’t forget that they are companions, placed here with you as partners, to be helpmeets and lovers…. It is necessary to restore their bond with the people in order to see the Grand Plan for earth and stars.

Those who hear their talk can be forever filled with awe and trust of the universe. There will be forming lifelong connections and alliances with them forever. This will go beyond lives and forms. Momentary traces of consciousness in bodies long decayed will form the matrix for others to travel to stars and find heaven’s worlds.

That was the beginning of an amazing, ongoing journey, which has led to my world tour.

Each time I visited “my” forest something new was happening, like the group forming a “spaceship” of ascension, a healing grove, a school for souls we called the Universe City, a multidimensional portal. At one significant point, they informed me that because of our relationship and others who cared, they had made a decision to work together to save the life on what they had previously called a “dwindling planet.” Since then, as I travel the world, I make the introductions and many trees join them in their new project. For instance, when walking from my hotel to the MSIA Conference in Sydney, Australia last year, I introduced a few large trees to my forest and two days later was informed that every soul-level tree in North Sydney had “signed on to the project.”  To date, according to my guidance from Spirit, about 6,200,000 trees have agreed to cooperate in various ways to heal and thrive and save life on Earth.

NDH: How incredible, Elisa…I’ve got goosebumps! What else can you share about how these trees communicate with you?

EN: It astounding to realize that each of these spiritually awakened trees has its own personality, abilities, and gifts. (Other smaller plants seem to share group oversouls, which can be powerful as well.) I had for many years been typing out my conversations with the Inner Master (i.e., Mystical Traveler or Jesus Christ) and I eventually opened the “gate” to sense and talk to the trees as well; then later, a few other sentient beings, like a boulder, a star and a giant crystal. Their voices are distinct, their words wise and sometimes they are very funny. Actually I’ve been told a number of times that the universe is really all about fun and creativity and upliftment. I am frequently astonished and delighted by each new discovery I make of the extent of intelligence, love, humor and spiritual knowledge available in and beyond humans, this world, and throughout this cosmos and the spiritual realms.

They’ve given me clues to a question I’ve had: “What is the universe for?” and a couple of them have even elucidated for me the functioning of the Mystical Traveler. They can perceive all of the frequencies of light and sound. When I asked if they could watch television, I was told, “yes, but most of it is crap.” I played my violin in the forest and was amazed to sense that each tree enjoyed a different composer. Later the Maple asked when was I going to bring back my violin? I had a very emotional conversation with a great Pine in New Zealand about Brahms, how familiar elements of music are how God co-creates the universe.

NDH: Simply amazing. Are there other messages they have given to you that you can share with us?

A Blessing from the Oak (for the participants in a Tree Love workshop): 

…You can’t feel it all, but now there are “buttons” installed that allow you to climb the heavenly stairs more cleanly, easily, lovingly. The changes were necessary in order to become an engine/vehicle for Light to travel through smoothly. You become fashioned after angels and other beings that can move easily though realms of Light and explore the different layers of consciousness without meditation or pre-meditation. Just think (even faster than that) and rise and move anywhere now!

NDH: Wonderful! So, when and why did you choose to pull up your roots and become a world traveler, taking your ministry around the globe?

EN: In 2012, I received word from Spirit that it was time to move on from my partner of 18 years and get the work I was doing out into the world. I had no idea how to do either one but Spirit took care of it. Seemingly overnight my practice disappeared — no clients, no classes! I wrote to J-R and John. Two weeks later, I was offered a podcast interview on a website with a large following and suddenly I had a full practice again, most of it international, none of it local.

Subsequently it became obvious that the next step was to have my new Skype clients also attend classes and they agreed. The Thriving Planet World Tour was launched and I headed to Europe, returning only to put my belongings in storage. Within a year, my partner became terminally ill. I returned from Asia and Australia to care for him and soon after he made his transition, was on my next flight.

NDH: What do you do specifically when you reach a new destination?

EN: As I arrive in a new location, the first thing I do is ask that the Light go before me to prepare the way. I ask for Light columns and canopies before I enter anywhere—a new city, a building, a forest—particularly when I find majestic trees that really ought to be functioning at soul level and are not. They may be held back by the prevailing levels of consciousness around them, by trauma, restrictions or even curses that have been placed with them by people. I ask for spiritual assistance from Jesus or the Mystical Traveler as guided and then they shift quite swiftly.

I take reconnaissance trips with my hosts to locate and meet trees we might include in the workshops to begin the Lightwork. I reach out to perceive each one’s qualities and spiritual functions. My words may sound perfunctory but this can be an exciting and deeply moving process—so much healing, sharing, learning, on both sides of the relationship. I introduce these trees to my forest and if needed many of them “go” to the Healing Grove there. Recently my perception has expanded to know when they are going. I may take out my computer and have a conversation with one or two. That way, when the actual Tree Love workshop takes place, the trees are spiritually healthier and happy, functioning at soul level if appropriate, and ready to come into relationship with the workshop participants. I am prepared too. Each time I return to a place the energy gets more wholesome, the word of what is happening has spread further and more and more trees have gone higher in consciousness and have joined in. So joyous to sense the transformations!

Next, I conduct workshops to do the healing, attuning, aligning work with the people and form the Lightwork team. Profound understanding of what we do in our lives and new options are experienced. Each individual, each group, and each culture presents me with great gifts of awareness and expands my understanding, which I can then take to the next place.

By the end of each workshop, we usually find the spaces in which we perform the mission that God has for us. Amazingly it seems that everyone knows where those are and how to do it. It is profound and joyful to engage with each other and the spiritual forces in this way. Many people have said they feel they are finally doing what they came to the planet to do. We’ve seen spiritual abilities and knowledge revealed when we are in these constellations that don’t normally show up when we are working individually. It is as if a larger, more complex spirit-mind comes into being informed by the highest forces of Light that can function for the highest good of all.

My preference would be to then have this same group come to the trees together, but alas that rarely happens; so when I teach the Tree Love workshop, I often have to start all over so that everyone has at least some proficiency with the skills necessary to experience what is available. Somehow it always works anyway, by “letting go and letting God.”

NDH: Where have you traveled relating to this ministry so far? Where do you plan to travel in the coming year?

EN: In the past two years, I’ve been to 14 countries, some several times in various locations, including:

  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany / Bavaria
  • Belgium
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Bali and Java, Indonesia
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • New Zealand
  • The United States

As for the future, I’ll be teaching in New England this summer and I’ve had talks with people about returning to Tokyo, New Zealand, the U.S. west coast and some other places, but have not scheduled yet.

NDH: You must have had some remarkable experiences! What inspiring stories can you share that capture the essence of your work and the height of your vision?

EN: On a trip to Australia, I was introduced to an Aboriginal elder known as Mama Violet. I had no idea what to expect or how to act. She arrived a bit disheveled in an old wheelchair, but it wasn’t long before I came to see her as a Queen of the Universe. She began by telling me she has been working with the entire planet through the Northern Lights and then launched into stories about the Saxons and her relationship with St. Germaine and about the Aboriginal customs relating to death. (A famous elder had just died.)

Violet was deeply touched by what I was doing and was eager to bestow full permission to do my work in her country. We had the most wondrous time sharing spiritual gifts with each other. She seemed to want to pour all of her knowledge into me, rigorously tested my spiritual abilities, introduced me to others in Spirit with whom she was working. At one moment I felt slightly uncomfortable that she seemed to be adopting me as a student so I showed her photos of John-Roger and her eyes sparkled with joy and tears. She said she was so sorry they had not been together physically in this lifetime. I had a vision that she immediately accepted initiation with the Mystical Traveler and could see J-R preparing her way from this world. I heard him say to her, “I am happy to share my initiate with you.” In that moment my tension disappeared. So beautiful.

I found after I left Violet that in the three hours we’d spent together 700,000 new trees joined my tree friends’ project due to her deep connection with the land of Australia!

A gorgeous Morton Bay Fig in Perth said this about our meeting:
Your meeting with the Great One [“Mama”Violet, Aboriginal elder] has brought us beauty supreme and now we can fold it all into one, a lovely package of this earth and its star friends. Ready to go, into the Glorious Oneness that is our home and our Being. 

 In this world no one has achieved greater heights that the one who came before you, named J-R in your consciousness. He presaged a glorious time in which everyone would rise together into the heavenworlds at the end of this dispensation of stars and planets. All will be taken into the arms of the One who created this parallel universe of God’s dimension and it will be clear and enormous and shining with the great Light (no words to describe).

 Briefly let this come forward for the cohorts — be not afraid, travel instantaneously. Don’t be short sighted about all that can be handled through the simple prayer of one who is devoted their own beingness and God intention pouring through their status as small human statures. It is an illusion to think that you are smaller or less than. Don’t buy this unfortunate tale, that you are any less than the great ones, the angelic beings. The uniform forces do not allow this stupendousness of feeling, but nothing bars its expression through your love and Light-filled hearts.

Another story: A few years ago, I came into my forest having just returned from MSIA Conference in Los Angeles. My tree friends had expanded an existing portal into a huge hub that in my inner vision looks like a large edifice or space station containing many revolving doors or gates into other places. There is also a ring of trees around it that act as guardians to ensure that only that which is for the highest good can come in or go out.

As I walked the path toward this area, I felt like a bee returning to the hive laden with rich pollen—the new information of the Christ and Mystical Traveler that was bestowed upon us so generously during Conference. I had the sensation that the trees were gathering around me with great excitement, removing the pollen and packaging it in discrete packets to be sent out through the various portals to places that would benefit from it. I didn’t know what the information was; I was only the messenger, but I was grateful to be utilized for the upliftment of many places in the multidimensional universes.

NDH: Such rich experiences! How much longer do you see yourself keeping up these global travels and how do you intend to continue your ministry (if so) once you “settle down” again?

EN: I don’t really see an end to this ministry as long as I am in this body and don’t know yet what will take place once I am not. I’m no longer concerned that I will get attached here and bring myself back unnecessarily. I trust my spiritual trajectory. I want to contribute all I can while I am here to the continuance and thriving of this world. This is so enjoyable! We are all on a path of upliftment and service; what could be better?

As for my travels, I do not know how long they will continue, as I am following Spirit’s guidance and my own wherewithal. In this moment, my desire is to spend longer periods of time in warm places to write my book and move on to Year 2 of the DSS program online. After two years of constant travel, I need some rest back in my old neighborhood. In the long term, I am not sure where I will settle. I have learned that there are loving people everywhere and I can tune in from anywhere. The internet makes all of this possible and brings us all closer.

For the communion and Lightwork, once I’ve made contact, my physical presence is no longer needed to maintain the intimacy or communication. I’ve found that word of my upcoming visit goes before me and when I show up in a new location, the trees already know me. One client I introduced to this work visited a village in England where she said the trees were very excited that she knew me. I had never been to that village. Yet when she sent me a photo of a beautiful chestnut there, I had a wondrous experience and discussion with it. Another sent me a photo of a tree in Japan that she said knew me and wanted me to bring a group there and my guidance agreed. Months later I met that tree and worked with him and then on my second trip to Tokyo, I took a Tree Love workshop to him to assist in his ministry. It was astounding to realize that I had flown halfway around the world to meet a tree I’d seen in a photo who was already preparing for my arrival and then there we were together—for real!

NDH: Everything you have shared is incredible beyond words and thoughts, Elisa. I have a whole new appreciation for the consciousness and activities of trees now, and I am certain that many in our worldwide MSIA community will be just as fascinated. Where can people find more information about supporting or following your wondrous “Ministree”?

EN: Anyone who would like more information is invited to visit my website, Elisa’s Thriving Planet at, for my upcoming travel and Tree Love schedule. You can also follow or “Friend” me on my personal Facebook page: I would love to have more MSIA ministers and initiates participate in our workshops when I come to their countries…and of course, your Light for the planet is always most welcome.

Kindly consider sending the Light to the trees around you. When you find yourself in the presence of a magnificent tree, recognize that he/she may be fully conscious and have gifts to share with you. I often say that the trees are not only the other half of our lungs but also our hearts. Once you’ve made loving contact with a tree there are friends everywhere. They know the Traveler and Christ and are on their own path of soul transcendence. They have never had veils between them and Spirit and they are faithful companions. You can let them know about my tree friends’ “project” [see SIDEBAR: Blessings from the Trees] to save and thrive life on Earth anew and that they are welcome to join in.

NDH: I will make a point of doing that, Elisa! Your Light work truly calls to my heart, and I hope to be able to experience it firsthand at some point. Thank you so much…God bless your ministry.

EN: Thank you, Teri. Blessings to you and all of our community.

Blessings from the Trees

Elisa says… Let me introduce you to some of my core group in the New York forest, and some excerpts from our conversations:

The Oak: My partner tree, a noble leader who calls me to my highest and best and is also nurturing. A giant bio-computer processing vast amounts of information.

In this spiritual realm there are no contingency plans, no plans, just the unfolding of a reality that is long known, but never planned. The known comes forth as it reveals itself out of the Great Plan, but it is never planned ahead of time; just revealed in its true glory, fully formed. Then it develops by choice, will, playful endeavor, curiosity, happiness. It is creativity in the making. Universal powerful urges move through all, causing creativity to flourish in response, like leaves to the sun and wind forces. We move too, we trees, as we are called by the greater plan, but have many choices. And happiness rules the moment as to when and where we plop ourselves down and give of our happiness to the earth or other spaces.

 … You can’t feel it all, but now there are “buttons,” things installed that allow you to climb the heavenly stairs more cleanly, easily, lovingly. The changes were necessary in order to become an engine/vehicle for Light to travel through in a smooth fashion. You become fashioned after angels and other beings that can move easily though realms of Light and check out the different layers of consciousness, without meditation or pre-meditation. Just think (even faster than that) and rise and move anywhere now!

 The Maple (Secretary Tree): A double being who gathers information that is then processed and utilized by others. She is also my best friend, sister, fan club—celebrating my learning and accomplishments. When I met her I held the frequency of HU and her abilities increased exponentially.

 When we were newly arranged in spirit and I called to you, you responded so generously with your calls into the highest realms to announce my presence and call forth new avenues of respect and loving highways of information. I was able to extend further than ever and freely, too. And to get one of the most important pieces of information; that this planet wasn’t going to be able to support its species any more and had to be stopped from performing a disastrous deed that would have stopped the craziness once and for all. I intervened and told Her [the Planet] that she was not alone anymore and that people were listening and that patience would have its day (or years-long effort) and to wait until they “got it together.”

 We [she and her partner being] have been together for eons, traveling the spaces in between and collecting information and processing. It is used by others like the Oak and its friends to understand the universe and to grow its little ones and to send out packets of information in blasts of Light segments.

 No one knows the extent of this vast information system; except that is goes on forever and gets collected in some vast repository that understands its meaning and can call forth from the imagination of all combined, new worlds, new existences, new possibilities. Infinite possibilities and combination of factors get taken into account. I am a small part, but have gotten powerful beyond measure partly due to your influences. And the Traveler is one of these.

The Blessing Tree: Powerful, motherly, queenly. She bestows blessings on all who stand before her. She travels the cosmos seeking a new place for the trees to incarnate to if this planet can no longer support their spiritual growth.

Our development spiritually and consciously is all important. As we develop, we develop new abilities and can bring forth great wonders energetically and also to the physical manifestation…

 Call us forth, please don’t deny yourselves this ability to call forth nature’s finest consciousness, its abilities to heal itself and the world.

The Triple-trunk Tree: each trunk has a different function. One monitors all of the resources—oil, gas, water, crystal and mineral veins, specialized rock formations and volcanoes. Another is a broadcaster of information to the stars and other dimensions. And the third is a networker, assisting young trees and communications throughout the forest. I also call him “Uncle” as he tracks me wherever I go and provides deep solace when I need it.

And this is what we are here for — to sing in harmony and connect and travel the high realms and come back and report and be a busy hive of activity that causes all to rise together.

 This universe is rising. The image of the risen Christ is an apt one. There is always rising to be done. It is forever and each lift in frequency brings new experiences and rewards and learning, wisdom, understanding, and more points of loving to connect to. The vast complexity is managed and watched over by older forms—beings who have themselves risen and it keeps going. There is no end.

 I am a guardian of this forest and others as well. I am preparing to take our kind to other places in a few thousand years or sooner if necessary. I see to it that all these trees are met with love, find a place to root themselves in the fabric of this forest and make the connections that will ultimately assist them to grow spiritually and advance through the realms into Godhood. I am a wayshower like your Traveler.

 He [John-Roger] is one with us and we all say the same things differently, but he is a pisser isn’t he? A wonderful lifetime, doing so much that is necessary and right and lovely and sweet. And funny to boot. We are laughing all the time!

The “Traveler” Tree: Helps you hold a specific frequency or total silence for longer than you might be able to otherwise. He has taken me up through the levels, even explaining some of the teachings of the Mystical Traveler to me and there is one spot I can stand in which he clothes me with the Armor of the Spiritual Warrior. One day I held a frequency I determined as “the sound that created all creation.” When I asked about it he said:

This sound that created creation is not here, but way above this, and it is amazing that you can attune there. It must want to give its information. It produces life abundant through all the universes and beyond that into unknown realms of seeming darkness and light intertwined, making sounds extraordinary and music or something like what you’d call music. Creation is constant there and overwhelmingly complicated and well-thought out, but not chaotic as some seem to think. An orderly, wondrous procession of goodness and new ideas are formed, coming through into your world to be acted upon if you so choose. There are always new ideas coming through.

The “Manhood” Tree: confers a bestowal of manhood on men who have not been able to receive that through their fathers’ lineage.

And now you are also asking for renewal and it is given to all who come down into this forest to receive something special. This gift has been given to you—of receiving information in parable and direct, inspirational and transmutational. This reading will be read by others and they too shall receive their heart’s delight; a new consciousness that makes spiritual experience more direct and available. Now we thin the veils, create channels, simplify thought, amplify insight. Intuitive relationship-building skills, based on the ability to discern good from evil destructive forces, and instructive understanding. Following this instinctive knowing without troubling whether it is correct, because it has proven itself over and over. We give a boost to this ability and it becomes simpler to live; knowing the next movement coming; feeling the changes and tracking them, accommodating their feedback, incorporating this new information and encoding it to be saved and communicated. These abilities make for a new species evolution.

The Moreton Bay Fig in Byron Bay

In Byron Bay, Australia, I was introduced to the most powerful tree I had ever met in my travels so far, spanning at least 10 countries. This magnificent Moreton Bay Fig, hidden in the rainforest, was not older or larger than any I’d seen, but it was functioning on so many levels in so many dimensions that I felt I had to go very slowly, layer by layer. It could take months to discern all that it was doing, if I could even fathom the information. I was astounded. I could feel its energy field before we reached the property.

Before our meeting, the Inner Master explained [excerpt]:

It has come out of the stars to be a welcoming spot for others who come to this planet. It is a portal, a gate, but for a very specific reason. This has become the foremost place for those quantifiers of the earth’s rotational speed and course, the change of the seasons, the earth changes that are going on. This portal comes forth into this planetary atmosphere with a bright purpose that is almost complete. It will be converting sunlight into another type of crystalline energy to give certain charges—a pattern of charges—to the air, which, like a beautiful virus, will spread around the planet forging consciousness, awakening a particular type of awareness, to take over this planet and bring it to its fruition. It will not only support but transform into higher levels of knowing, a planetary evolution that creates a new species, far more aligned with the tenets of an intelligent universe, with connected consciousness for all.

During our communion, I discovered that this tree is powerful, comprising multiple consciousnesses, working at a cosmic level that includes the entire upliftment and next evolution of all consciousness on this planet and beyond. It is a broadcaster, a portal, a news studio (image of many screens viewing many places). It has a huge energy field that goes out, not just as one field, but like tentacles, reaching into multiple dimensions. On my scale of human intelligence, 1-10, each number exponentially higher that the last, it is an 18. And it is very happy! Here are a few highlights of what this spectacular tree shared with me:

We can only talk in the plural, since there are many others associated with this tree form. Given our nature, we speak as one toward one purpose—the regeneration of this ailing planet into one of a far more glorious nature, a green sparking jewel-like, precious gorgeous youngster. This is possible. In its wake the planet leaves signals that request assistance, but they are strangled and chaotic, as well as it being a clear and a loving nursemaid of the life forms that exist here. In harmonizing these signals you have come at a good time, to cleanse, and purify and turn them into golden light.

These signals are of a far greater scale than the radiant light forms you are familiar with [through the Walking in the Light exercises that came to my mind], reaching into star systems, and polarities and principalities that are foreign in nature but constrained to their own planets. These are now reaching out to form an alliance of sorts (best word we can find in your vocabulary), a larger seed or thought-form structure. Not a matrix, but a crystalline-like formation that spans time, worlds, dimensional patterns and the like.

 This will be as a Christing for a new being that is coming into formation, one that can fly the stars and interpenetrate all the levels, like a giant spaceship of life. Your Noah’s ark doesn’t speak to its immensity or structure or the joy of its creation.

After returning to New York, I asked my forest about the connection that was made between them and the Moreton Bay Fig tree as I spoke to it. The trees responded:

We have been so glad and so busy since meeting this One, who has generously shared all of its resources, associations, and beauteous plans with this tremendous project we have taken on [to save and uplift this planet]. We are flying the stars, making acquaintances, setting up shops, so to speak, in which the new formations that span the universes can be planned, forged, and tried. Though we had local pathways throughout this galaxy, we are now extending further, exploring new civilizations. The stars’ version of Light travel is far grander than ever conceived in your science fiction writers’ greatest imaginations. We are so happy now! [They were happy before but this came in like a wild joyous cry.]

I asked, “Can I be part of this?”

You already are and your readers will be, too. (We know you are writing this for publication.) Just take the time to be prepared, finishing up the small debts, clearing the paths, trusting the outcome and all will be ready. In these spaces it is all happening at once, now, but it is also a long trajectory. Patience is not needed, just eternal presence, beloved one.

(Update as of March, 2019: I actually have been to over 80 locations in 18 countries.)

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